Radio Masts and Towers: You should know these about them

Over the years, there has been a litany of concerns about the threats radioactive towers pose to our health. Some laboratory research has highly exhausted their control experiments in condemning or supporting its impact, one way or the other.

Some aspects say the radiation radio masts and towers emit is cancerous and comes along with many health orders. Meanwhile, the environmental protection agency’s stance on the matter is unstable in Ghana.

In 2013, the American cancer society issued press releases to enable curb people’s perception against radioactive towers, their stance on the matter proved unstable as well.

This is because, the two reports had in them, highly contradictory statements “Radioactive towers are not cancerous” and “stay away from radioactive towers to avoid cancer”, these statements got me laughing and crying sometimes.

Well, there are a variety of towers with respect to the desired purpose.

Types of Towers

  1. Self-supporting tower

This type of tower is freestanding and do not require external support.

  1. Angular tower

These type of towers is precisely 4 legged but outstanding for its angular element design on a square base pattern.

  1. Guyed Tower

The guyed tower is normally preferred in cities, no need for huge concrete foundation. Such cost saving. It has an ordinary look, slim and most preferred for cellular sites, Television and FM stations.

Why do we need these towers?

  1. Quality Call reception

In the case of quality calls, networking companies depend on towers in trapping radioactive wave for its telecommunication purposes.

  1. Astronomical increase of phones

The number of mobile users in the country is outweighing and causing traffic on towers. Efforts to remedy this situation, causes networking companies to increase towers to match its mobile users.

  1. Speedy Internet connection

In the previous year’s quick internet connectivity was known to be found in solely regional capitals. Gracious me, you can now access and browse smoothly regardless of your location.

  1. Access to Networking Packages

Last year, Customers of Airtel Ghana were complaining about Airtal Sika Kokoo, as a result of some section of some regions of not been able to subscribe to the package. The company blamed it on its coverage failure. Early this year (2017) over 100 new towers were added, the new sika Kokoo can be accessed by all!

Precautions with relation to Radio Masts and Towers

  1. Avoid building churches, houses and schools close to towers, it can go a long way of causing diverse health hazards.
  2. Avoid coming in contact with the radioactive tower, most especially cautious kids not to play closer to towers, they carry charges too strong for kid’s cell to battle.
  3. Radioactive waves travel far with the same wavelength, walking close or sitting close to radioactive wave doesn’t add up to its smooth connectivity. It rather poses threat to your health.

Let’s be cautious as well as smart while we enjoy good and quality calls and speedy internet connections.

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