Real Or Not? How To Hack Wifi In Ghana

Mobile data is relatively very expensive in Ghana. Due to the overly exorbitant pricing of data, many people resort to connecting Wifi networks around in accessing the internet.

As a student or a huge data user, using your phone data for downloading movies, games and videos could be a daunting task as you stand the risk of spending so much money on data and you may have to spend several hours downloading as well due to slow speed.

While Wifi may be a good and usually faster option as well, it becomes a problem when there is password protection on the Wifi network one wishes to connect with.

In such circumstances, one word that comes to mind is ‘Hacking’.

In this article, we shall look at the concept of hacking and if it is truly possible for anyone to hack a Wifi network in Ghana.

What Is Hacking?

Hacking is simply the process of getting unauthorised access to a system (A WIfi network in this case) by cracking the system’s passwords or code for your personal reason or in the interest of certain parties or institutions.

There are three main types of hackers. They are the Crackers (Black Hat Hackers), ethical hackers (White hat hackers) and Grey Hat hackers.

Crackers are the bad nuts, they are usually referred to as unethical hackers and they get access to a system in order to perpetrate fraudulent activities and other malicious acts

White hat hackers are also called ethical hackers and they are responsible for accessing data in locked systems for security reasons or when the owners lose their passwords. They are usually certified to undertake such actions.

The Grey Hat hackers are usually a mixture of the black hat hackers and white hat hackers especially that they do not have any known criminal records regarding hacking. They only hack systems to understand the weaknesses in the systems and enable administrators to tighten up the security of such systems.

Unethical hacking is punishable by law and is carried out by hackers at their own risk.

Can You Hack A Wifi In Ghana?

Your decision to read this article is obviously because of this subheading. Well, while Hacking a Wifi network is a top possibility all over the world, it is a very tough trick to pull off especially with current routers.

Routers with WEP-Wireless Encryption Protocol are usually very easy to hack and are often of older models. Newer Wifi devices which are made of WPA – Wireless Protected Access are very difficult to hack and require the use of complex software and tools which are also very expensive to acquire.


Hacking a Wifi nework in Ghana is not an impossibility but the requirements are daunting and it is usually expensive with the current models of routers available.

Also, the success rate for such hacks is not really so encouraging. If you have any other opinions regarding this article, kindly drop them in the comment box below. We’ll be glad to read from you . Your views are always welcome.

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