How to Recover Deleted Files from your PC or Android Device

“Ohh I am doomed!” may be your first words, after you realise you’ve deleted an important document from your Recycle Bin.

Recycle Bin is a household name when it comes to recovery of files. It makes file recovery possible. Sometimes, the situation may even be worse. That awkward moment when you have sensitive documents from;

  • Academics- Lecture notes, Journals, past questions, E-books, slides etc.
  • Business Deals – Bank Reconciliations, minutes, E- books.
  • Religious – Sermons (videos/ MP3), E-books etc.
  • Sports – Videos, letters etc.
  • Legal – E-constitutions, affidavits.

These deletions can happen on both your PC and Android Device. Today, we walk you through how to recover these deleted files from your Windows Pc or Android Phone or Tablet.

Recover deleted files from your PC

On your computer, when you are about to engage in a business transaction and your hard disk crashes.

It’s interesting to know that some of the crashes may be beyond your remit to solve because they can be through, manufacturer’s fault, accumulated heat, Electronic failure, mechanical failure, corrupted files.

There is nothing more unfortunate than realising that you’ve deleted important information from your Recycle Bin, or your hard disk crashes when you are in the dying middle to accomplish an assignment or a business transaction.

Hope cometh, because you can recover that lost file, after being deleted from your Recycle Bin. You can use the Kvisoft Undelete Recycle Bin method or the Recuva. We will look into the Recuva method.

  1. Download Recuva to a different drive, not on the one you lost the files on. If not, the lost files may be overwritten and you may end up losing your information entirely. Recuva is a free software.
  2. Right-click Restoration and Click ‘’Run as Administrator’’ if using windows 7 through to 10. Then a list will appear.
  3. Scan through the list to find the file you will like to restore.
  4. Save your file on different storage, either pen drive or hard disk.
  5. Cross-check from the storage to make sure information is well saved now.
Android is the most popular operating system on earth right now.
Android is the most popular operating system on earth right now.

Recover deleted Files from your Android

To do this, we will need MobiKin Doctor for Android

Download MobiKin Doctor for Android: (Windows version) or (Mac version)

  1. After you install the program on your PC or Mac you need to connect your phone to your computer. MobiKin then will need access to your phone.
  2. Once you plug in your phone, this screen will automatically start.
  3. Seconds later, MobiKin will have recognized your device. You then decide what type of data you want to recover.
  4. After just 18 seconds (this may vary slightly), your lost or deleted data will appear.
  5. And the recovery takes next to no time. Press the button, and the data you have chosen can be saved on your PC.


Panic no more because you can retrieve your deleted stuff on your PC or Android with the use of Recuva and MobiKin.

Facing any problems? Leave a comment below and we will assist you. Don’t forget to share this with your friends.

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