How to Register For AirtelTigo Money

There may be days that you desperately need money but going to the bank for such money sometimes seems awful and weird. For example, travelling all the way to the bank to withdraw GH¢ 10 could be a waste of time.

With the introduction of technology into financial transactions, the need for physical cash when doing a transaction is now very low as compared to what it used to be some years ago. It is the intention of tech and financial experts to see Ghana in the near future migrating to almost 80% cashless when doing transactions.

In view of that, AirtelTigo has collaborated with the Bank of Ghana to introduce a mobile money service called AirtelTigo Money. This service allows subscribed customers to make withdrawal, deposit, send and receive money from all networks all through their mobile phone.

In recent additions, subscribed customers can receive money from international transfers as well.

What is AirtelTigo Money?

AirtelTigo Money is a mobile financial service that allows all subscribed AirtelTigo customers to send, receive money. It also allows the customers to buy airtime, pay bills, and pay for goods and services right on their mobile phone. The activities of this service are monitored by the Bank of Ghana and therefore there’s no need to be scared of using this service.

There are two ways of registering for AirtelTigo Money. We have Office registration and Self-registration.

How to register for AirtelTigo Money at the Office

For this option, you can simply visit any AirtelTigo office nationwide with a valid national photo identification document (Ghana card, Voters ID, Drivers’ license or passport).

A merchant will take your details and then ask you to create a 4-digit secret PIN which you will use to make transactions. Upon completion, a welcome message will be sent to your phone via SMS.

How to self-register for AirtelTigo Money via WhatsApp

The Self-Registration option is very useful in this COVID-19 pandemic era. Under this category, you can choose to register using USSD or Whatsapp without leaving your house.

To use WhatsApp to register, you just need to send “Hi” to the official Whatsapp number 0577000084 to begin the process. You will be asked to provide the following:

  • Picture of your valid ID card (should be the same as the one you used to register your sim card)
  • Date of birth (should correspond with the one on your ID card)
  • Location and
  • Your AirtelTigo number

How to Register for AirtelTigo Money by via USSD

Initially before Airtel and Tigo became one company, this feature was available, but after they became one company this feature is no longer available.

But it’s our hope that they might some day re-introduce this feature again.

Therefore, if you are not having a smartphone, you need to do the Office Registration.


The steps for registration is very easy and quick so you can easily follow along and register for the service.

After you receive the confirmation SMS, you can receive or send money or buy airtime or pay for goods and services right on your mobile phone.

Please be aware of fraudulent persons who impersonate AirtelTigo to claim money from customers. AirtelTigo will never demand money from you through an agent or an employee, all official items will be sent to you via SMS with the assigned name AirtelTigo Money.

Please stay vigilant and report any suspicious activity or persons on your account. I hope the guide above serves its purpose.

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