How To Register For MTN Business Mobile Money Account

Mobile Money is a pre-requisite for every business in Ghana today. It is the most widely-used payment method in Ghana.

Even the Waakye seller who plies her trade in a blue kiosk at Zongo Junction also accepts Mobile Money payments.

Literally, there’s nowhere in Ghana that Mobile Money payments are not accepted or allowed.

As such, businesses that are yet to incorporate this payment system in their daily transactions, are at the brink of extinction.

What most businesses don’t know is that they can acquire a Mobile Money account for their business and not necessarily use a personal account for such transactions.

The ultimate question is; why should I go for a business account instead?

In this article, we take you through the reasons for which you should acquire a Mobile Money Business Account and how to get one.

Why You Should Use A Mobile Money Business Account

There are a few profitable reasons why you should choose to have a Mobile Money Business account for your business.

Some of them are listed below:

No Charges On Transfers

Irrespective of the amount involved, MTN charges no money on Transfers made to or from Business accounts.

This means that your customers can make payments to you, without worrying about the charges that will accompany such payments.

In fact, this will even encourage more people to buy from you since they don’t have to go through the hustle of withdrawing money to buy from you.

Higher Payment Limits

Depending on the volume of transactions you do daily and the tier you’re on, MTN has limits on MOMO transactions.

These limitations come in the form of daily limits, monthly limits and overall account balance limit.

As is the case, normal personal Mobile Money accounts tend to have lower limits. Some accounts have their daily limits set at GHS 2,000 while others have theirs set at GHS5,000.

But with the Business account, you can expect your limit to be somewhere upwards of GHS 10,000. Though this figure is not fixed for all accounts, the limits are generally higher than that of the personal accounts.

Monthly Commission On Transactions

Once you own a Business account, you qualify to receive monthly commissions based on the total volume of transactions you perform monthly.

This commission also pertains to those with personal Mobile Money accounts, however, the percentage for those with Business Mobile Money accounts is relatively higher than those with personal accounts.

Secondly, since yours is a business account and your transaction limits are higher, it’s only right that you’ll get a higher volume of monthly transactions – which translates into higher commissions for you.

How To Register For a Business Account

To register for a business account, you need to follow the steps below:

  1. Dial *5051# on your mobile phone
  2. Select ‘Register’ from the list which pops up
  3. Select your region of residence
  4. Wait for a moment to receive an SMS confirming your registration. A reference number will be included in the SMS.
  5. An MTN Mobile Money agent will be assigned to inspect your location
  6. After successfully passing the inspection phase, you’ll need to download and fill the Merchant Recruitment form, the Merchant Account Holder Form and the Merchant Agreement form.

You can download the forms here.

After going through all these processes successfully, you should be ready to use your MOMO Business Sim card now.

It should take roughly 3 days for it to be ready in most cases.


With how widespread the Mobile Money service has become in Ghana, it’s quite unreal for any business to afford not to include it in its payment methods.

But, choosing the right Mobile Money account to use is very important for every business owner.

In this article, we spoke about why you need a Mobile Money Business Account for your business and how to register for one of such accounts.

We hope that you loved the content of this article and you found it helpful.

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