How To Register As A MTN Mobile Money Agent/Merchant For Commission

Mobile Money transactions have become an integral part of the banking system in Ghana. Many people have come to love transacting their day to day business through this new form of banking in the country.

With the advancement in Fintech and the coming into being of the interoperability system, a lot of ventures finds it easy to accept MOMO payment instead of physical cash payments.

Today, almost all the network providers in the country have implemented some form of the mobile banking system. We have seen the likes of MTN mobile money, Vodafone cash and then later AirtelTigo Cash Payment system. But looking at the statistics, MTN mobile money transaction is still the leading mobile banking system as it stands today.

Because of the rise in the demand for MOMO transactions outlets, MTN and all the other mobile money providers have expanded their outlets to anyone who is qualified and therefore wishes to work as a vendor for a commission.

The service providers have put in some requirements that you need to meet before you become a qualified applicant for the MOMO business.

Requirements to be an MTN Mobile Money Merchant

For you to become a merchant working for MTN, for a commission you will need to meet the following requirements.

  • Must have a registered company(limited) or its equivalent
  • Fill and submit Agents Recruitment Form
  • Fill and submit Agent Account Handler Form
  • Agent/ Merchant code of ethics

Registered Company (limited)

For you to be a successful applicant, you are required to have at least a limited company or its equivalent. This is to ensure that, in case of unforeseen circumstances, you can easily repay your debt and that of your customers.

Agent Documentation Requirements

Every business in Ghana must have official documentation to make it a binding one between the parties involved. Being an agent means you and MTN are entering in some kind of business which opts to be binding. this document will serve as a bidding contract letter. So in other to be issued the go-ahead to start a merchant business, you are required to fill and submit the agent documentation letter.

Agents Recruitment Form

Recruitment form, also known as MTN MOMO registration form. This form includes details like Registered Business Name, Trade No./Business Registration No, Assigned Bank, Agent Ghana Post GPS Location etc. You need to provide all the details marked as required with an asterisk. Once you are done then you submit it for a review. Get the form Here

Agent Account Handler Form & Agent/ Merchant code of ethics

The information needed here includes the agent’s personal details such as full name, date of birth, place of birth, nationality, occupation, Voter ID or any of the National ID’s. The code of ethics also has to do with the agents agreeing to abide by the business ethics. The handler form and that of the code of ethics can also be found here.

Prospective Agents must also meet the required structure and location requirements as set in accordance with EMI (E-money Issuer) guidelines. The structural requirements are as follows:

Permanent structure in the form of Brick and Mortar, Semi-permanent structure is required for an Agent outlet. These structures should be placed within 50-100 meters’ range.

Wooden structures and Umbrella outlets should be avoided as they do not meet the standard requirement. prospective Agents are also required to have a startup capital of GHS 4,000.

After meeting the structure and location requirement, and submitted your application, you will need to wait for sometimes before you get feedback from MTN.

The following points should be noted whiles you wait for your application to be processed:

  • MTN Mobile Money centre shall respond via email or phone to all applicants upon receipt of their application.
  • Applications received shall be vetted to ensure they meet all requirements.
  • False documents presented during the applications process is deemed to be a criminal offence and MTN Mobile Money reserves the right to reject any applications that do not meet the requirements.
  • Processing of a successful application shall take a minimum or maximum of 23 working days from the date on which your application is received.
  • Successful applicants shall be notified about the status of their application via email or phone call upon completion of service.

MTN Mobile Money Agent Commissions Structure

As a mobile money agent, you get some benefits in terms of commissions. MTN mobile money agent gets rewarded commission per every transaction the carried out. This commission serves as a profit for these agents.

The commission fees are structured in the following ways:

Any withdrawal between GHS 1 to GHS 50 attracts a charge of GHS 0.50 whiles withdrawal above GHS 50 gets a deducted fee of 1% of the money to be withdrawn.

You can read more on these charges and fees from the Official MTN Page. This is where we come to an end of today’s post. Hope you find it helpful. If you do please share on all the platform you find yourself.

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