How To Register Your MTN SIM Card In Ghana

Whenever you purchase a new MTN SIM card from the trusted dealers in Ghana, your SIM will be registered for you. But on certain occasions, you might not be able to register your SIM at that particular moment.

If such a thing happens, then you have to go home and register the new MTN SIM yourself. In view of that, I have written this article to show you how to register your MTN SIM card in Ghana.

MTN Ghana is known to be one of (if not) the biggest and most used telecommunication platform in Ghana. MTN (formerly Areeba) has been in the telecommunication business in Ghana for more than two (2).

After they rebranded from Areeba to MTN, most Ghanaians were of the view that this business was going to collapse soon. Over two (2) decades on, Ghanaians have now realized that MTN Ghana has gained market in Ghana and has indeed come to stay for good.

Almost every village in Ghana has now been connected to the MTN Ghana network. Thus, it is no news that MTN is the biggest telecommunication platform in Ghana.

In terms of mobile money, even uneducated Ghanaians from both the rural and urban areas are now active on MTN Mobile Money. In my village alone, somewhere in the Eastern Region of Ghana, there are more than ten (10) MTN Mobile Money (MoMo) operators.

Now enough of the plenty talk, let’s now jump into the main reason for this article and is how to register your MTN SIM in Ghana.

How to Register Your MTN SIM Card in Ghana

In Ghana, before you can use a SIM card, you first need to get it registered with its respective network provider. For instance, you cannot register your MTN SIM card with Vodafone or vice versa. Otherwise, the SIM card is not going to function until you have done due diligence.

  1. Visit any MTN authorized vendor or office in the country
  2. Give your SIM card to the merchant
  3. Provide the merchant with your ID document
  4. In a few minutes, the merchant will register your SIM card for and get you registered on the MTN Ghana subscriber’s database
  5. Upon successful completion, the merchant will hand over your registered SIM and ID document to you
  6. Afterward, insert the SIM card into your mobile phone and enjoy all the MTN Ghana services

Requirements For Registering Your MTN SIM Card in Ghana

Before you can register your MTN SIM card in Ghana, there are some requirements you need to meet. If you fail to meet any of these requirements, your SIM cannot be registered for you.

Below are some of the requirements when registering your MTN SIM card in Ghana:

  • National Photo Identification Card (Ghana Card, Voter’s ID, Driver’s License, or Ghana Passport)
  • A new MTN SIM card
  • Your address of residence (you can include the Ghana Post GPS code (GE-XXX-XXXX))

How To Check Your MTN SIM Card Details in Ghana

After registering your MTN SIM card at the vendor or the office, you can check to see if the details used matches the correct info.

This is very important because if not taken note of, it could affect you whenever you visit any of the MTN offices to require some information about your account. For instance, if your mobile money account is locked, MTN cannot be able to unlock it for you,

To do so, all you need to do is to dial *400# on any mobile device, be it Android, iPhone, or Yam.

You will then see your FULLNAME (FIRST NAME, LAST NAME), ID TYPE, Last four digits of your ID, and your Day and the month of birth.

Additionally, a message with the same information above will be sent to you via SMS.

If the information provided is incorrect, you can update it online here or you can visit any MTN Ghana office nationwide with the ID you used to register the SIM card.


The entire process of registering an MTN SIM card in Ghana is very simple, and quick.

Currently, there is no way you can register your MTN SIM card yourself. You can only do so by visiting any of the MTN vendors or offices nationwide.

The cost of MTN SIM cards in Ghana is GHS 3.00 and if a vendor tries to sell it to you at a cost more than that, you can visit any other vendor.

Also, the cost of registering your SIM in Ghana is free and as such, you shouldn’t pay any amount when registering your account.

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