Replace your Ghana Card now; Significant Hike in Fees from May 2024

The National Identification Authority (NIA) has issued a Public Notice to Ghanaians regarding an impending significant increase in fees for Ghana Card services.

Starting from the first Wednesday of May 2024, citizens will experience a hike in costs related to first-time registrations and replacements, as outlined in the newly adjusted Fees and Charges.

Current Fee Structure

As of now, replacing a misplaced Ghana Card at the district offices costs GHS 35, while the fee at premium offices stands at GHS 110.

Impending Fee Increase

However, come May, the cost for a card replacement at the district offices will leap to GHS 125, representing an increase of over 250%. At the premium centers, the new fee will be an eye-watering GHS 420, almost quadrupling the current price.

Citizens are urged to act promptly if their cards have been misplaced. The NIA’s announcement is a clear call to replace your Ghana Card before the new fees take effect to avoid the additional financial burden.

New Ghana Card Replacement Prices

First Time Registration Fees

ServiceNew FeeOld Fee
First Time Registration (NIA District Office)FreeFree
First-Time Registration (Premium Centre)GHS 310N/A
First-Time Registration (ECOWAS Sub Region)USD 55USD 20
First-Time Registration – Rest of AfricaUSD 75USD 30
First-Time Registration – Countries Outside AfricaUSD 115USD 50

Card Replacement Service Fees

ServiceNew FeeOld Fee
Card Replacement – NIA Regional/District OfficeGHS 125GHS 30
Card Replacement – NIA Premium OfficeGHS 420N/A
Card Replacement – ECOWAS Sub-RegionUSD 55USD 20
Card Replacement – Rest of AfricaUSD 75USD 30
Card Replacement – Countries Outside AfricaUSD 115USD 20

Personal Update Services Fees

ServiceNew FeeOld Fee
Record Update Only – NIA Regional/District OfficeFreeFree
Record Update Only – NIA Premium OfficeGHS 310N/A
Record Update with replacement of card – NIA Regional/District OfficeGHS 60GHS 30
Record Update with replacement of card – NIA Premium OfficeGHS 355N/A
Nationality Update – NIA Regional/District OfficeGHS 70N/A
Nationality Update – NIA Premium OfficeGHS 365N/A
Record Update Only – ECOWAS Sub-RegionFreeFree
Record Update Only – Rest of AfricaFreeFree
Record Update Only – Countries Outside AfricaFreeFree
Record Update with replacement of card – NIA Premium OfficeUSD 27.50N/A
Record Update with replacement of card – Rest of AfricaUSD 37.50USD 30
Record Update with replacement of card – Countries Outside AfricaUSD 57.50USD 50

For a comprehensive breakdown of the updated fees and charges, the NIA directs the public to their website at

In light of these developments, it’s crucial to prioritize the replacement of lost or misplaced Ghana Cards. Waiting until after the fee increase not only impacts individuals financially but also places added strain on the NIA’s resources as they manage a likely surge in last-minute replacements.

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