Re:publica in Ghana for the first time on December 14 and 15, 2018

Re:publica, one of the largest and most cutting-edge conferences in Europe is coming to Ghana for the first time in its ten-year history, this year. This digital festival is being launched in collaboration with the Federal Ministry for Economic Development and Cooperation (BMZ), on African soil.

This partnership is an aim to strengthen dialogue on digital topics between Africa and Germany, as well as to utilize common ground in digitalization and development work.

Africa is held to be the continent with many technological and entrepreneurial opportunities. It boasts of the fastest growing and youngest population in the world, and with the numbers, it is vivid that the future is not only young and hungry for knowledge, but also digital. A cornucopia of innovation hubs is springing up, from which other countries can equally and unequally benefit. The opportunities are, particularly in Africa’s tech sector.

As a result of these realities, Re:publica and BMZ come in with their shared idea that digital technologies play a vital role when social and economic challenges need to be faced at a global level, and innovative solutions are a must-find.

Earlier this year, at the Re:publica 18, the BMZ provided an outlook with agenda items on the Tech For Good topic, concerning where the shared journey is heading in December – to the capital city of Ghana, Accra. Before now, this black nation has experienced an exemplary democratization process. The aim is not to talk about the continent, but to have a dialogue with Africa. For this reason, also, West African and German representatives will convene in Accra to discuss and network with each other. Most of all, they will be learning from each other from all directions.

Bringing Re:publica to Accra in a bid to narrow the chasm between the rich and the poor, and between continents, marks an essential step in the direction to drive innovation in Africa. Both bodies will strive to discuss and debate Africa’s tech and innovation scene, together with that very community. The event is expected to strengthen the voice of young innovators to overcome the digital gap, from dismantling the disruptions that shape the continent.

From now until the 9th of Sept’, 2018, activities will be going on in the background in preparation for the big event, including presentations and installations amongst others, all of which would focus on one categories ranging from Politics and Society, Art and Culture, Economy and Innovation, Science and Education, including Media and Journalism.

BMZ currently focuses on building digital centres to foster sustainable development and provides about EU 100 Mn funding to digital project through initiatives such as Digital Africa.

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