Samsung Galaxy Buds Live: Great Design, but what about Functions?

The Samsung unpacked 2020 event brought an array of high-end devices to the tech industry. Among the items that have gained popularity among Samsung, followers are the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live. Although, the design is appealing, just like playing slots at the Vulkan casino, can we be sure that their functions are just as excellent as the appearance?

While this is not the first time the company is releasing wireless earbuds, it was expected that the 2020 product would come with a lot of improvements and high-end technology. On one part, Samsung has delivered an excellent bean-shaped design. However, an independent eye will tell you that the buds are not a complete success story since they come with some shortfalls.

The Positives

An objective product review highlights both the positive and negative sides of an item. As such, we’d rather introduce the Galaxy Live Buds with some bits that everyone will like.

One of the most significant things about these new earpieces is the design. The Buds come in a bean (call it kidney) shape and are compact enough to fit in your ears. Furthermore, Samsung has gone a step ahead of the competition, and this product will never dig into your ear canal. Instead, these headphones are designed to shoot sound into the ear without causing discomfort. There are also touch sensors designed to identify taps and perform relevant actions. 

The Negatives

Samsung Galaxy Live Buds boasts an array of features, some of which are being oversold. To start with, they boast having noise cancellation capabilities. However, it remains unclear to some buyers that the buds will not cut out loud noise. They can reduce the noise, yes, but not entirely. In another case, users have started reporting that tap functionality is sometimes inconsistent, giving them a bad experience.

Key Features

Like other flagship projects from Samsung, the Galaxy Buds are rich in features and will, perhaps, surprise you despite the shortcoming we have highlighted. The headphones have excellent support for Bluetooth 5.0 combined with the company’s SSC technology to provide great music listening experience.

Adding to this is the noise cancellation technology that is designed to minimise external noise. According to Samsung, the buds can cancel out the sound of up to 700 Hz while allowing you to keep up with the environment.

The Galaxy Live Buds come with their own carrying case just like other earbuds by competing companies. This is a great feature that helps you keep them safe without risking losing them while travelling or doing other chores.

Unlike earbuds from other sellers, you will notice that these do not dig into the ear canal. This makes them very comfortable to wear for long durations. However, these earpieces do not have silicon rubber and may still cause low-level discomfort.

According to Samsung, the battery should last about six hours of play with the Bixby voice control off and the ANC on all the time. However, note that uptime may differ depending on your preferred settings.

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