Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus: Key Feature

There are very few android manufacturers that are interested in producing tablets for the Android operating system like Google and Samsung.

Unlike the Galaxy Tab, the slates are just the only ones that can compete and get work done this is because Google is yet to do much to expand the capabilities of android with larger screen sizes.

This is the Galaxy Tab S7 Plus, it’s one of the most powerful Android tablets.

If you’ve seen Samsung’s new flagship phones both the interface and features of this will feel quite familiar. Galaxy Tab S7+, I’ve found myself both impressed by the relatively polished software experience and frustrated at the pervasive shortcomings of Android itself as a tablet platform

Galaxy Tab S7 Plus


The Galaxy Tab S7 Plus is pretty sizable, it’s built around a 12.4-inch screen which is quite thin and relatively light. Samsung is offering the Galaxy Tab S7+ in Mystic Black, Mystic Silver, or Mystic Bronze.

The sandblasted mystic black finish looks like graphite and feels satisfying to touch though it does tend to attract plenty of fingerprints.


Galaxy Tab S7

The tablet’s display is an AMOLED with 2800 by 1752 resolution which gives you a total of 266 PPI which is plenty sharp for this kind of device.

A unique feature is the high 120-hertz screen refresh rate which means supported content and UI elements will look much smoother to the eye.

The Display has a fingerprint reader to unlock the device just like smartphones with AMOLED screens. The fingerprint location of the Tab S7+ is different from the Galaxy S7, it has an optical fingerprint sensor built into the display.


The Galaxy Tab S7 Plus has a loud Quad Stereo speaker setup with Dolby Atmos’ support. Watching content and playing audio is satisfying.


An attractive feature of the S7 Plus is the updated stylus which is the same Advanced S-Pen that you see on the Note 20 Ultra and it brings super-low nine-millisecond latency which is responsive and coupled with the screen’s high refresh rate, the writing sensation feels quite authentic.

The stylus also grants you a variety of air actions that are controls for the UI or supported apps. Charging the S-Pen isn’t a problem because it wirelessly charges to the magnetic strip on the back of the tablet.

There is also a keyboard that can be attached to the Tab S7+ making it behave more like a laptop but the keyboard is sold separately.


For Onboard storage, you can up to 128GB or 256GB of storage which is expandable via Micro SD, unlike the iPad Pro.

The Tab S7 Plus brings a Snapdragon 865+ chipset which as far as android’s chips go should be plenty of power for your mobile tasks and gaming and also offers support for connectivity to 5G networks.


Another impressive area is battery life, it packs a huge 10,000mAh battery which’s much larger than what last year’s model had.

The battery should be able to keep you going for hours and when it’s time to charge up, it supports 45 Watt fast charging which you have to buy the charger separately.


The same Dual Camera setup as last year’s Galaxy Tab S6;

  • 13 Megapixel main camera,
  • 5 Megapixel ultra-wide.

The selfie camera is;
8 megapixels same as last year’s model.

However, expect an upgrade in software processing for the cameras and also you get night mode this time around for better results when shooting photos in dark conditions.


The Galaxy Tab S7 Plus is a cutting-edge android tablet that’s much like a super-sized galaxy note 20 Ultra. So understandably it doesn’t come cheap, It’s €900 for the Wi-Fi version and over €1,000 for the 5G Variant.

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