SBC Digital Africa 2021

Awards are one of the primary ways of amassing goodwill and recognition for a positive impact on society. Beyond the accolade and the plaque or financial rewards backing it, awards boost goodwill and reputation for the brands and serve as an impetus to do more.

SBC Awards is one of the top awards dedicated to recognizing the top performers in the African betting scene. The awards are designed to honor the achievements of operators and affiliates including suppliers from across all the major disciplines including payments, marketing, platform providers, and data.

Sports betting and gaming have made significant progress in Africa, growing to an estimated $40 billion in value, hence, it is only fitting to recognize the individuals and groups who have contributed to this growth. The year 2021 edition will be the 8th edition in the series and it will hold from March 30 – 31 and it will be held digitally. 

Top on the Agenda

The SBC Digital Africa much more than being an awards ceremony is also a platform for industry experts to deliberate and chart the way forward for the betting and gaming industry in the continent.

This year’s edition just like others is primed to shed light on the emerging opportunities in the African markets as well as their different challenges that may emerge in the course of the year. Even as the world recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic, growth opportunities will emerge for stakeholders in the industry to push new products into the market and thereby increase their market share.

As indicated earlier, the SBC Digital Africa is a virtual event and it will bring experts together to discuss important issues. Issues such as the changing landscape for online sports betting and gaming as well as other important issues pertaining to land-based casino and lottery industries in the continent will be cross examined. SBC will bring together the very best industry experts and thought leaders to share their insights and this can serve as a policy direction for the industry through the course of the year. 

This year’s edition will feature about 60 speakers and they will focus on the main markets for gambling and gaming in Africa which includes Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, and Côte d’Ivoire. The experts will be drawn from a pool of senior executives, legal experts, marketing specialists, regulators, and media experts to proffer their unique perspectives on the way forward. 

Clearly, the growth of gaming and gambling will require the synergy and collaboration of different sectors and the SBC awards provide a good platform for this to happen. The conference will feature a product display area that will feature sportsbooks, casinos, and payments innovations from leading suppliers. This will help intimate the attendees with the latest developments in the industry.

Betting sites have experienced massive growth within the continents with betting sites such as offering sporting fans the privilege of following their favorite sports teams and also profiting from their fandom. It is only natural that gaming and other aspects of gambling such as casinos follow this type of progression. 

Casinos are primed to experience growth within the African market. Casinos aren’t yet as widespread as sports betting sites partly because of insufficient awareness for it as well as uncertainty about the options available. Online casinos will potentially become a trend this year as it grants players the option of playing from the comfort of their mobile phones or PC from wherever they are.

Another trend that will potentially become a norm is the introduction of several casino operators in a way that is similar to the number of sports betting operators. This explosion of casino shops will also encourage the introduction of casino tournaments across the continent. 

Events such as SBC Digital Africa are great for the betting industry.

It will help explore the opportunities in the African market, speed up the growth of the industry and enable it to measure comparably with other markets from around the world. The timing of the conference is great as March which is the third month of the year offers enough time for brands to learn new information, form new alliances and still implement the new strategies within the course of the year.

Overall, the conference will offer networking opportunities for players in the industry to discuss how they can improve their respective brands.

The task of moving the industry forward is a collective one hence opportunities to forge alliances will be in the best interest of everyone. New opportunities abound in Africa and much inroads can still be made even within the remaining months of 2021.

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