Scam Alert: is not affiliated to ECURRENCY4U GH

This is an official notice from ecurrency4u gh (ecurrency4u.Net) to the general public.

Ewalletgh, a supposed cryptocurrency exchange website has been identified as posing to be an affiliate of ECURRENCY4U GH (ECURRENCY4U.NET) Ghana. This website which was created on the 08/12/2017 as confirmed by the website checking tool “” has duped a number of clients of their monies.

Below is a screenshot of the Script from the original developer In which EwalletGH is using to scam People.

Our attention was drawn to this issue since According to clients who called us, this company gives them the ECURRENCY4U GH (ECURRENCY4U.NET) merchant MTN mobile money account number to make payments.

After payments are made, the transaction ID is taken with a promise to credit the client’s account, which mostly never happens. Unfortunately, the contact numbers given for clients to call back has No Response.

The logic identified as being the backbone of this scam is this:

  1. The “ewalletgh” team takes the transaction ID of the genuine client
  2. Place a Deposit Order on ECURRENCY4U GH (ECURRENCY4U.NET) and confirm payment with the transaction ID
  3. Place an order using Prepaid with ECURRENCY4U GH (ECURRENCY4U.NET) with the client’s transaction ID
  4. Get the ecurrency ordered sent to their accounts
  5. When the client decides to call to check up on their transaction, they realise that their transaction ID has already been used by another customer.

ECURRENCY4U GH (ECURRENCY4U.NET) would want to admonish all our clients to be careful which sites they visit for transactions and at least compare rates on more than 5 sites before jumping to make an order with a site that makes a lot of promises and has very low rates. ECURRENCY4U GH (ECURRENCY4U.NET) only operates through our official website: (HTTPS://ECURRENCY4U.NET) and don’t have any affiliates. You would be informed about our affiliates should we sign up any.

We advise you to screen new websites that offer low rates by practising the following:

Check when the site was registered

Use tools like and ICANN to find out details about when the domain was registered. Look out for when the website was registered. Note that no one can run a cryptocurrency exchange without a website even if they claim to have been working for ages like ewalletgh claims in this image.

The reason they want you to trust them is that they’ve been working since 2016, but their site was created more recently.

Check for contact details

If you are dealing with a company that has been working for years and yet has no contact number, it should ring a bell. There’s no location and no phone number to reach and emails don’t go through, it should warn you. Especially with cryptocurrencies, check how active they are on social media, try to read reviews about them. Don’t fall prey to scams.

An exchange that is serious about their customers’ monies would at least provide a telephone number to be reached on.

Pay attention to bad grammar and too many unnecessary details.

Most scam websites just copy and paste from the legit websites and as such have too much information. Whilst tactically missing the most important information. Don’t give your money to such people, it’s better to stick with proven cryptocurrency exchanges with high rates than lose your money to people you don’t know

Notice bad grammar: “all winnings can be withdrawal”. Affiliates earn commissions not win monies

Look out for verification

This particular site doesn’t verify user’s emails before the creation of the account happens. For people who are serious about handling your money, there should at least be a form of security to ensure they don’t send your money to another person. But none of this is present. The website should also have the “https:” secure feature for websites.

We assure our clients of safe transactions and advise that you protect your money from being stolen. In this cryptocurrency era, there are a lot of thieves trying all they can to get their hands on your cash and coins. Stay aware and screen any website before dealing with them.

If You have any Queries Contact Ecurrency4u Directly Here: 0540505640/0265020121

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