How To Sell Gift Cards In Ghana For Mobile Money very fast

Gift cards make great presents for a whole number of reasons; versatility, gifting, saving, spending, you name it. Though very popular, not all countries (especially African countries) have adopted the use of gift cards.

What do you do with your gift card if you happen to come from a country with limitations/restrictions as to the use of gift cards? You have Prestmit to the rescue.

Did you know you can sell off your gift card for mobile money or cash to gift card buyers in Ghana, either CEDIs or MOMO? You sure have a trusted app to sell gift cards in Ghana, with Prestmit mobile trading app. That’s right, selling your gift cards to buyers in Ghana is no longer a struggle, using a mobile app. 

What Is The Best App to Sell Gift Card in Ghana?

Prestmit mobile app is the recommended platform to trade gift cards and Bitcoin securely in Nigeria and Ghana. Prestmit allows you sell gift cards easily for cedis or for MOMO, in less than 5 minutes, and of course, at good rates. 

Using Prestmit mobile app, you can sell your Google Play gift card, iTunes gift card, Steam gift card, American Express gift card, Vanilla gift card, Target gift card, Nordstrom gift card, Sephora gift card, and other gift cards. 

Key Features of the Prestmit Gift Card Trading App

If you often trade gift cards, then you should know the important features a trading platform must have, especially when trading on their mobile app. We have highlighted these key features of the Prestmit mobile app. Let us check out some of them.

The security Feature On the App.

Your trading security is assured when trading on Prestmit. Prestmit embodies a modern security tool that helps you secure your account and ensure that transactions carried out on the mobile app are safe. This security feature includes the 2-Factor Authorization. The 2-factor authorization, otherwise known as 2FA feature on the app suggests that you will need a double confirmation before your account can be accessed. All personal details of its users are secure at all times.

Good Rates and Quick Payment

Quality service, as well as quality rates is guaranteed on Prestmit. You get the best rates on your card. When you trade on Prestmit, you get paid within 5-8 minutes. It is that fast. All you have to do is to create an account on Prestmit and begin trading. Once confirmed, you are paid immediately.

Trading Convenience and Flexibility

Prestmit allows you trade your gift card and Bitcoin, using different platforms that suit your convenience. You may trade on the website, mobile app and even on WhatsApp. When you create an account with them, you are instantly eligible to sell gift cards for mobile money. They accept up different gift card types, from different countries and you can be paid in Cedis, Naira, Bitcoins or USDT. 

How Do You Sell Gift Cards on Prestmit Mobile App

  1. The first step to trading on Presmit app is to download Prestmit Gift Card Trading App and register. 
  2. Click on ‘Start Trade’ and select ‘Sell Gift Card’.
  3. Fill in the necessary details of the card, category and the type of gift card you want to trade.

Need Help?

You can call/Whatsapp Prestmit customer care at +2347026290389 or send an email to [email protected].

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