How To Send Money To Ghana And Nigeria With Small World Money Transfer

Sending or receiving money to or from any country in the world has been a major challenge until the introduction of modern electronic payment systems.

Whereas these electronic payment systems have eased the stress associated with sending and receiving money internationally, Africa has not benefitted much from these.

That’s to say, most of these payment systems only allow people to send money from Europe and the Americas to some parts of Africa. However, very few of them are able to provide a platform for Africans to transfer money among themselves.

This is particularly true when one is sending money to Ghana or Nigeria. Most times, the only payment methods available are Paypal and Bank transfer. Obviously, of these two, the former is more appropriate while the latter takes a while longer to reflect. But, how many people in these countries have PayPal accounts?

In this article, we shall look at one of the leading electronic payment systems which enable people to send and receive money to and from Ghana or Nigeria.

What Is Small World Money Transfer?

Small World Money Transfer (SWMF) is a global provider of electronic payment services with a vision to be a favourite choice for all global payment needs.

They have been in operation for over 13 years in over 90 countries across the world and with over 250,000 cash pickup locations.

Small world also has a global teams size of 800, covering all continents.

Their payment services including money transfer to Bank account, Cash Pickup, Mobile Airtime Topup, Money Transfer to Mobile Wallet, Home Delivery and Cash Card Topup.

Based on several positive reviews, the Small World Money Transfer platform is secure, fast, offers competitive exchange rates and is trusted by over 15 million users globally.

So, if you are looking for an international electronic payment solution, you should consider this.

How To Send Money To Ghana Or Nigeria

First of all, before you can start sending money to anybody using this platform, you need to register for an account. So, the first step in the process is for you to create an account.

How To Create An Account On Small World Money Transfer

  1. Visit
  2. Click on ‘Register’ beside ‘Login’ on the top right corner.
  3. Select your country of residence under the ‘Send Money From’ tab.
  4. Enter your email address in the next text box.
  5. Re-enter your email address to confirm.
  6. Enter a suitable and strong password in the text box.
  7. Mark the Terms and Conditions Checkbox by clicking it.
  8. Click on ‘Create Account’.
  9. You’ll receive a confirmation email.
  10. Kindly check your email to confirm your email address.

How To Transfer Money From Any Country To Ghana Or Nigeria

After successfully creating your Small World Money account, the next thing for you to do is sending and receiving money. Fortunately, for your first transaction on this platform, there is no fee at all. It is completely free.

Now, let’s look at the steps for sending money. Remember that during the registration, you should select the country in which you reside now. If not, you may not be able to send money to anyone.

  1. Click on ‘Send Money’
  2. Select the country of your recipient
  3. Select the payment method you want to use
  4. Input the details of your recipient based on the payment method selected.
  5. There are limited payment methods available to various countries so choose the appropriate one. For Ghana, there is mobile money and all others.
  6. If you haven’t connected a bank account or card yet, you’ll be directed to add a payment method where your cash can be sent from.
  7. The money would be sent once you add your payment method.

Note: Depending on the payment method selected and how soon the money is received from you, your recipient may receive the money instantly or in a few hours or days. Mobile Money Wallet and Paypal Accounts are usually instant. While Bank Transfer takes a while.

Limits On Money Transfer And Fees

As an International Money transfer platform, there are fees and limitations on amounts that can be transferred in one transaction. So here, we present you with all that.

The limitations on money transfer are listed in the table below.

EUR  (Euro)   2,000
USD  (US Dollar)249,999
GBP   (Great British Pounds)     2,000
NOK   (Norwegian Krone)   20,000
SEK     (Swedish Krona)   20,000
BRL    (Brazil Real)     8,000
CHF   ( Swiss Franc)     2,000
DKK (Danish Krone)    18,000

Unfortunately, their fees are not openly available however, based on reviews and some transactions, their fees are by far more affordable than most other International Payment systems.

You can download their applications on the Apple Appstore or on the Google Playstore.


Sending and receiving money in Africa is a major problem since most payment methods do not cover all parts of Africa. The world’s leading International Payment systems have for most times blacklisted some African countries including Ghana and Nigeria.

This has therefore made it difficult for family and friends abroad to send money to people in these parts of the world. However, this should not be the case.

Therefore, in this article, we spoke about Small World Money Transfer, a platform for sending and receiving money globally including Ghana and Nigeria. We spoke about how to send money to Ghana and Nigeria using this platform, as well as limitations on transactions and why you should use this platform.

For any questions, comments or reservations regarding this article, kindly get in touch with us or leave a message in the comment box below.

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