Should You Download an App if One is Available?

Sometimes when we browse our favourite websites, we can be interrupted by a pop-up asking if we would rather download and spend time on the app instead. Some might prefer to do so, while others might prefer to stay on the browser and continue to explore the website from there. Should we download an app if there is one available? Let’s take a closer look at why you might want to.

Ease of Use

Some people prefer to use an app over a website in a browser because the app is easier to use. There are certain things that might be trickier to manage from a smartphone browser, especially if the site has not been correctly optimised for mobile. An app has been built from the ground up to be used on smartphones, so it will always be that little bit easier to manage.

For example, you could take a look at the 10bet Ghana app in the popular betting genre; you would discover that it is much easier to browse than the wider site. It is much easier to find the information that you are searching for, and everything will be laid out in a way that makes sense. If you frequently find that you struggle with exploring a site on a browser, have a look to see if there is an app available. It might be a much better fit for you.

Geo-Specific Features

Many apps make use of a technology known as geofencing. This means that it might limit features for users depending on where they are. An activity might be legal and fully regulated in one area, allowing users to download and use it. However, the activity is then prohibited in a neighbouring area. Geofencing allows the app’s developers to ensure that their services are only used where it is legal to do so.

They can also use this technology to provide certain services for customers that live in a particular area. Customers of 10bet Tanzania for example might find that they see slightly different offers compared to those in other areas, because gaming and betting laws vary from country to country. This can help companies keep up with the differences that they might see between their various demographics and countries of operation, as no two are going to be exactly the same.

App-Exclusive Content

Of course, there is no obligation for a company to keep their content the same between the app and the website. You might spot that there are some differences between the content offered on the site and what they offer on the app. It all depends on what their priorities are.

If they want to drive their customer base to the app over the website, they are likely to put more enticing deals on their app. They want people to download it so they can take advantage of this extra content and more impressive deals. The app might even be completely free to use. The company would just rather their audience were mainly app users over website ones, so they put out an incentive to go there.

Safe and Secure

Though not every app on the app store is safe, they can often be a great choice for those who are worried about their safety and security when using a company’s services. Never download an app unless it comes from an official app store like Apple’s or the Google Play store. The apps here are regularly vetted for malware and other issues, and they are generally thought to be safer than others that you might want to download.

Make sure you do your research here to determine that the app is safe for you to download before you do so. Does the parent site seem safe and professional? Have they got a comprehensive privacy policy and clear contact information? Even something like the number of times the app has been downloaded and its rating in the app store can let you know whether or not it will be safe and good to use.

Should You Download That App?

If you have a lot of frustrations from trying to get a website to function correctly, you should definitely think about taking a look at an app if they offer one. However, you do need to also make sure that you are only downloading apps that are of a high quality and will offer you a good service. If you have any doubts that an app won’t be the right move for you, do your research to find out whether or not it will be good for you.

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