Showmax Ghana: Subscription Packages, Channels and Prices

If you’re looking to watch the latest blockbusters, or catch up on shows you might have missed when they were first aired, you need Showmax. The global streaming service offers access to thousands of hit movies and TV shows on any device, but how do you get Showmax Ghana?

What are the different subscriptions available? And how much does it cost? This article answers all these questions and more, so read on to find out what Showmax Ghana has to offer!

What is Showmax Ghana?

Showmax is an African on-demand video streaming service that offers TV series, movies and TV shows from the US and across Africa. The service has launched in South Africa first but will be rolling out to other African countries and Ghana was not an exception.

How does Showmax Ghana compare to Netflix?

Netflix has traditionally been the most successful online streaming service but Showmax Ghana is on a different level. It has more channels than Netflix with over 4,000 TV shows and movies available to subscribers at any given time.

Shows like The Walking Dead, Suits and Breaking Bad are only available through Showmax in Ghana so be prepared to pay an annual subscription fee if you want to get them.

Showmax prices in Ghana

Showmax Ghana is a subscription service that offers a variety of packages for customers. This range of options is designed to suit various budgets. The price for these services depends on the package one chooses to subscribe to, the payment mode (online or offline) and the channels.

Showmax Ghana subscription packages

The Showmax Ghana subscription provides customers with one-time sign-up charges. Customers can also enjoy discounts on a monthly subscription which is half the price of the one-time sign up.

Before you subscribe to any service of any kind, you must know the price and cost of that service. Showmax has; Standard Plan, Mobile-Only Plan, Mobile-Only Pro Plan, Pro Pan.

  • The Showmax Standard plan subscription in Ghana is GHS 45.99. per month.
  • The Showmax Mobile Only plan subscription in Ghana GHS 22.99 per month.
  • The Showmax Mobile-Only Pro plan subscription in Ghana is GHS 59.99 per month.
  • The Showmax Pro plan subscription in Ghana is GHS 119.99 per month.

What devices are supported?

Showmax has an app for almost any device. It is available on

  • iOS
  • Android devices
  • Windows Phone
  • Amazon Fire TV Stick and Tablet (Kindle Fire)
  • Chromecast
  • Samsung Smart TV.
  • The show can also be accessed through a web browser on any laptop or desktop computer.

Which channels are available on Showmax?

You can view both international and local TV shows on Showmax. You’ll have your pick of channels, with access to a wide variety of live streams including news, sports, entertainment or kids programming, etc.


For those who are looking for a new video streaming service to try out, Showmax Ghana may be the perfect choice. You will be able to save by subscribing to packages and you can sign up without downloading any apps. All in all, Showmax is worth checking out!

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