Signs On Your Partner’s Phone Which Could Show That They Are Cheating

One thing remains dreaded in all romantic relationships right from dating through to marriage. That single thing is cheating.

Most people fear the possibility of their lovers cheating on them and the stress of them having to deal with the trauma associated with it.

As simple as it may sound, cheating is one hell of an emotional trauma to deal with especially on the side of the one cheated on.

The best way to prevent the pain associated with this is for you to get the signs early enough and prepare your mind for the worst situation possible.

When this is done, you are less hurt when your suspicions are finally confirmed.

In this article, I’ll talk about some signs on your partner’s phone which indicate that they may be cheating on you.

Hidden Notifications

It is an obvious fact that turning your phone upside down while with your partner raises suspicions of cheating.

For this reason, many ‘professional cheats’ prefer to keep their notifications off in order to keep their phone screens free from any unexpected notifications especially chat applications.

This is easily set up on most chatting apps especially Whatsapp, Telegram and Messenger.

Usually, you can set up your Whatsapp such that when you receive a message from someone in the idle mode, you still get to see a brief version of the message sent without having to unlock the phone.

For cheats, they turn off this function totally.

So, if your partner’s phone can be on the table or bed for a number of hours without any notifications from their chat applications especially when you see them picking up their phones to chat with other people from time to time, it is time for you to make some enquiries.

The gallery is a catalogue of all media files on your phone, consisting of images and videos.

If there is anything that would certainly prove that your partner is cheating on you, it has to be photos of videos of them chilling out or ‘chopping’ love with someone else somewhere.

It is no lie that we, especially the younger generation loves to keep such photos and videos on our phones for memory sake.

Now, for someone who has a main ‘partner’ and a ‘side’ partner, keeping these files in an open place on the phone can be a deadly situation.

Therefore, the only way they can safeguard themselves from such trouble is by locking up the gallery.

You’ll realize this when you try opening the gallery and you are required to input a password or draw a pattern to access the files in the gallery.

Too Many Contacts Saved With Initials Only

A cheating partner tries as much as possible not to leave any hints for their partner to realize what they’ve been doing behind their back.

So, one way to hide things from their partner is by trying to keep a clean contact list which does not give any hint of foul play.

For most cheats, the best way is to ensure that they have many contacts saved in a certain form so as to confuse their partners.

Some prefer to save contacts with initials only. So if the person’s name is Alice Owusu, they’d save it as A.O. or O.A.

In order to make it uniform, they save as many contacts as possible with such names so that it looks normal to anyone who picks up their phone to check their contact list.

Some may also save the contacts with some funny names which on a normal day nobody would use.


Trust is key in every relationship. You can’t handle your relationship without trust and expert it to grow into something beautiful, otherwise, you will need to contact a therapist from

However, more than often, trust is betrayed in relationships – a situation which leaves many people heart-broken.

For this reason, while it is necessary that while we try to trust our significant other, we need to find a way to ensure that these other people are trustworthy.

I believe that this article gives you an insight into some of the signs on your partner’s phone which indicate that they may be cheating on you.

Now, it is important for you to also understand that the list provided in this article is not exhaustive and may not necessarily be an exact proof that your partner is cheating on you.

If truly they are cheating on you, you may notice some changes in the way they approach you emotionally as well.

If you have any questions, additions, reservations or comments regarding this article, kindly leave them in the comment session below.

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