5 Signs That There Is A Spy App On Your Phone

Did you know someone can spy on your mobile phone without you noticing it? I am going to show you in this article, 5 signs that there is a spy app on your mobile phone.

I know people still don’t believe that someone can spy on your mobile phone without you noticing. Well, that can be true or not but as the saying goes, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Spy apps were created in the beginning to help persons track their friends and relatives; mostly children and older parents or relatives. But, as technology advanced and people started using technology negatively, spy apps became something else.

Now, spy apps are used by people to monitor what is happening on the phone of someone. This includes text messages, emails, bank statements, and some personal information that are meant to be kept secret.

Because of that, it’s better to follow these five signs and perform an inspection on your mobile device to know if there is a chance that someone is spying on your phone.

5 Signs That There Is A Spy App On Your Phone

NOTE: Having these signs does not guarantee that there’s a spy app on your phone but it increases that chances that there might be one.

Increase In Data Usage

One thing that we seem to give a blind eye to is data usage on our mobile phones. These settings wouldn’t have been placed on the mobile phone if it was not important.

Data Usage gives you analytics of how your mobile data has been used over a specified period of time and which apps used such amounts of data. Thus, you need to check the data usage for each of the apps you see on your mobile device.

In case you see an app you have never used before but has used an amount of data on your phone, you need to delete that app as soon as possible. Most of these apps are a replica of original apps, so if you see two apps with the same name, delete all of them.

Also, perform gradual analysis on your data usage in the frequency you will be cool with; weekly, monthly, or daily. This is because spy apps upload your information onto a server and this involves the use of data.

Is someone spying on my phone?

Phone Gets Hot Even When Not In Use

When you use your phone while charging it or play games with your phone, they get “hot” that is totally normal. But if you observe that your phone gets hot often when they are not in use, then it could mean your phone is being spied on.

This is also because spy apps run continuously without stopping and this makes your phone battery hotter than usual. First of all, check if your battery is functioning properly before you make your conclusions.

Battery Drain Quickly

Spy apps as said earlier, run constantly and this involves using your phone’s battery. Because of that, they drain your battery quickly and rapidly.

If you see that your battery is lasting very shorter than what it used to be, then it could be a red flag that someone is spying on your phone. Here also, you can check your phone’s battery usage to see if there’s an app that is consuming a higher percentage of your battery.

Most importantly, check if your battery is functioning properly before you decide on what to do next. For those whose phones allow you to check the battery’s strength, check if the strength is high enough before you conclude that you are being spied on.

Phone’s Screen Comes On Without You Touching It

Normally, when your phone is on standby mode, the screen is supposed to go off, except for those that still display the clock and other widgets. Even for those phones, the screen is supposed to fade out.

When you notice that your phone’s screen automatically comes on even without touching it or getting any alert that is also another red flag. Meaning your phone could be spied on by an unknown person.

Due to the continuous activities of the spy app, there is always a chance that the screen will automatically turn on, even without you touching it.

Unknown Screenshots And Recordings

Finally, when you find unknown screenshots and recordings on your phone, it could also mean your phone is being spied on. Most of the spy apps make screenshots and upload them into their online server, this could include your personal information and chats.

As a preventive measure, always check the screenshot folder for unknown screenshots and recordings and remove them as soon as possible from your device.


We have learned some 5 signs that there is a spy app on your phone. All the steps were listed together with what you could also do to prevent your phone from being spied on.

Although these methods are not 100% accurate, it is better to perform these checks on your phone gradually than to sit idle and wait for something to happen before you take an initiative.

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