Similar Sites to Papascore is a wonderful site that offers live scorecards of soccer games. It’s not been long since the site set its feet in the sports arena but it has already managed to impress football fans. However, soccer lovers like us prefer to visit different sites so that they can’t miss anything regarding the match of their favorite team since every site has something unique to offer. Given this fact, we researched and found 5 similar sites to Papascore. If you are also interested in exploring them, read the article further.

From functionality to the user interface, sofascore is very much similar to Papascore. On this site too, you will be able to get live scorecards of football matches. The interesting thing is that this site is not limited just to football but offers live scorecards of other sports like basketball, cricket, and many other popular ones. 

You can select the sport and all the live matches related to that will appear on your device screen. Just in case you are very much interested in games and visit this site regularly to get live updates, you can create your profile on this site and enjoy some extra features as well.

When you will land on this site, you might feel like you have landed on a sports news site. The reason is, this site focuses mainly on the latest news in the sports world. Given this fact, it is very similar to Papascore in terms of the latest news of the football world and helps fans to stay updated with every single news.

Other than the latest news, the site has many other features related to the football game. You can navigate to the main menu and explore each and every feature. Like the previous site, it also allows you to create an on-site account. On top of everything, it has a remarkably easy user interface.

True to its name, this site lets you know who scored and what is the live scorecard of your favorite soccer team. Like Papascore, it is also completely dedicated to soccer. Given this fact, it offers real-time updates and the latest information regarding the game to fans. 

Similar to, you can get the latest news and factual information related to soccer games as well on this site. For that, what you need to do is to navigate to the side menu of the site. That’s it. If you wish, you can create an account on this site and enjoy some additional features.

If you watch soccer games for betting and trying your luck, you can turn to this site, which is quite similar to Papascore in terms of functionality but offers this unique feature in addition to all basic ones. The main feature of the site is the latest news regarding the game.

To explore all the features of this site, head to the menu and check out yourself what it has to offer you. From information about the teams to the leagues, it offers you everything. Unlike many similar sites to, it is mainly famous among the soccer game betters.

Flashscore is another site that offers the live scorecard of not just soccer but also different games like tennis, basketball, and cricket. Despite being a multipurpose site, it is user-friendly and has an easy user interface. Given this fact, you can easily browse through the site and stay updated with many games at a single time.

The functionality of the site is very much similar to the Papascore. Means, you will get not just the live scorecard of football on this site but also many other features like the latest news and match analysis. From the top menu, you can select any game and go ahead to get live scorecards and all other information about that.


Are the sites similar to papascore in every way?

Not in every way but they are definitely similar to in some or other way. The main purpose of Papascore is to offer soccer fans live scorecards of the match and you will get this feature on every site we have just talked about. 

Do these sites have all the features that we get in Papascore?

Well, you can’t exactly say that they have everything that you get in Papascore but yes, they are almost 90% similar to Papascore. Given this fact, you can expect many features of Papascore on the sites as well.


No doubt Papascore is an unbeatable site when it comes to live scorecards but you should consider these similar sites to Papascore as well just in case you can’t access it for some reason.

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