3 Reasons why Snapchat is still way better than the new WhatsApp Status

WhatsApp Status – the latest addition to the popular Instant Messaging App seems to be fun for a lot of users. Snapchat, on the other hand, is still very much popular and I personally have not seen any significant drop in the number of snaps my friends send in.

This morning, my friends were speaking about how WhatsApp is killing snapchat and why snapchat will not survive the hit. I personally think when it comes to the art of storytelling on smartphones, Snapchat is leading the way. Today, I look at 3 ways snapchat is killing the storytelling game. Maybe in the future, WhatsApp may catch up. For now, snapchat is doing it all right.

  1. Photo and Video Filters

    In the world of mobile photography and videography, filters seem to be almost everything. Snapchat has made massive improvements in the scene of filters. Geofilter, Data, Color, Rewind, and all those funny faces and emotions – Snapchat is all about the filters. It’s quite sad WhatsApp does not offer any filters as at now and this results in a lot of people posting saved snaps via WhatsApp stories. What a pity!

Filters are present in Snapchat but WhatsApp status does not have the feature
Filters are present in Snapchat but WhatsApp status does not have the feature
  1. Snapchat Discover

    Snapchat combines the best of social networks, magazines, and television in a way that keeps users informed about the stuff that matters to them. This feature allows you to see stories from popular publishers like IGN, Buzz Feed, Cosmopolitan and Daily Mail. This helps users to get more from the app when stories get boring (which is gladly never the case for me). WhatsApp status does not have this fine feature, although I suspect it will be added soon – for the ads.

The Snapchat Discover Feature
The Snapchat Discover Feature
  1. Privacy

    This is one reason why it may take a long time for me to send a status on WhatsApp. Privacy is a big issue nowadays and WhatsApp’s privacy settings are just not enough. For one, a lot of people have contacts on their WhatsApp because they have saved their numbers one way or the other. Imaging sending a status that can be seen by your boss, friend, family, business friend and workmate? Snapchat solves this by giving you maximum control over you even add in the first place. Snapchat certainly handles privacy on stories better than WhatsApp.

Well, WhatsApp just entered the storytelling game and sure has a lot of ways to improve; but right now, I would choose snapchat over it for a lot more reasons than the three mentioned in this post – including the lack of a data saver.

Have you used the WhatsApp Status feature? What’s the experience so far?

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