Snapchat score: How to calculate & tricks to gain a higher snap score

Snapchat has become one of the most used social media in the world. A lot of top personalities use it to update their followers on their daily activities.

They take snaps every day, sharing pictures and videos of themselves. For every social media platform, your number of followers or friends determines your influence on the platform. But for Snapchat, followers are not shown except you’re subscribed to the Snapchat public profile to have subscribers.

If you’re not on a public profile, you’ll only have your Snapchat score to show your influence on the platform. Your snap score is the result of how you use the app. If you’re someone who doesn’t use the app that much, your snap score will be relatively low. But regular users have a very high snap score. Many people have wondered how the snap score is calculated, but the truth is the Snapchat score algorithm is not known.

We don’t know how it’s calculated, but we can add a few things with the knowledge we have on Snapchat scores. In this article, we will talk about what the Snapchat score is and a few things to do if you want to increase it. 

How To Check Your Snapscore

To check your snap score, you need to open your Snapchat app and make sure it’s your account. Now tap on your profile on the top left right after you open the app. When you tap on the profile, you’ll see your profile and a figure below it. That figure is your Snapchat score. Tap on the figure, and the figure will split in two. The figure on the left is the snap you’ve sent, and the one on the right is the snaps you’ve received. You can also check your friends’ Snapchat score by tapping, and their Snap score will also be at the same place yours is, below the profile. 

Things To Do If You Want To Increase Your Snap Score

Send snaps often to your friends

Your snap score increases by a point every time you send a snap. If you stay away from Snapchat and you return, you’ll get 6 points for coming back. All you have to do is send snaps very often. For every story you post on your Snapchat, you get a point.

 Send different snaps to multiple friends

You receive a point for each snap you send to a friend. That means if you select ten friends and send three snaps to each of them, you’ll be getting 30 points for that. After you make a snap, it could be a pictured video. Please tap on the yellow button to either post it on your story or send them to your friends. You can choose to post it on your story and send it to your friends. After you tap on the yellow button which says “send to,” select the friends you want to send the snap to and send it to them, send it to your friends.

Open all unread snaps

Sometimes you think the snaps your friends are sending you are unnecessary, so you don’t bother to open them. Well, if you want to increase your score, you need to open your snap messages because you receive a point for every snap you open. You can check it out if you doubt it. Open a snap and check your score to see if it increased by one.

Frequently update your story with snaps

You receive a point for every snap you post on your story. You get points for the views, too, if you post a snap.

For this reason, you should post snaps often on your story if you want to increase your snap score.

Avoid using direct messages to communicate with friends

You don’t get any points for messages you send or receive. So if you want to communicate with your friends, you can be creative enough to take snaps of your texts and send them to your friends. Remember, the main goal is to increase your snap score, so you have to do all the necessary things to improve it.


So basically, there’s no trick to it. All you have to do is use your Snapchat frequently and make snaps. Your snap score is going to increase very much. Send snaps to friends, make snaps of moments you have to create memories.

The often you make snaps and share, the higher your snap score gets. Avoid all apps and software that tell you they can help you increase your snap score. As I said earlier that the Snapchat score algorithm. 

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