Snapchat Slang: Meanings of wcw, smh, asl, & more

One of the most widely used social media networks nowadays is Snapchat. It is an application that offers users the ability to communicate with one another using images or snaps.

With the aid of this social media platform, many individuals also get to speak with new people. Many people are curious about the fundamental words used on Snapchat. We’ve put together thousands of Snapchat slang and their definitions and meaning today.

About snapchat slangs

Snapchat is an instant-messaging app that lets users send and receive photos, texts and videos (known as Snaps) for up to 10 seconds before they disappear.

Snapchat users have created their own unique language, known as Snapchat Slangs, for easier communication and also include emoticons that convey how someone is feeling at any given time.

We take a look at some of these slangs and emoticons that you might want to keep in mind when using Snapchat or conversing with other Snapchat users.

Snapchat slangs and their meaning

Snapchat SlangsMeaning of Snapchat Slangs
AtmAt the moment
Amos / AmoscAdd men on snap /Add me on Snapchat
AslAge sex location
AsapAs soon as possible
AwlAlways with love
BrbBe Right Back
BmlBless my life
BMSBreak my scale
BTSBe there soon
CBACan’t Be Arsed
CBFCan’t Be F**k
CCCarbon copy / Credit Card
CYACover your A**
DMDirect Message
DTBDon’t Text Back
DWDon’t Worry
DWUDon’t wait up
FFFFollow for follow
FGFFormal Girl Friend
FPFFavorite Person friend
FR / FRFRFor real /For real for real
FT / FTMFace Time / FaceTime Me
FWBFriends with benefits
GMGood Morning
GN / GNS /GNSGood Night /Good night streak /Good night/ Snapshot
HBUHow About You
HGHoly Grail
HKDHate Kill Destroy
HTLHit the line
HRUHow are you
IBFInternet Best Friend
IDKI don’t know
IDCI don’t care
IDMI don’t MInd
ILYSMI love you soo much
IMLIn my life
LGHTLet’s Get High Tonight
LKLow Key
LLSLaughing like shi*t
LMAOLaughing my A** out
LMLLaughing Mud Loud
LOLLaughing Out Loud
LOMLLove of my life
SMHShaking My Head
WCWWoman Crush Wednesday

How important are Snapchat slangs?

Snap chat slangs makes chatting simple and easier. It also makes non snap users not to decode what Snapchat users are communicating about, making it interesting and unique among the other social platforms.


With slangs in snapchat, communications become easier. As a snapchat lover, its necessary to know your popular slangs in order not to be behind the new trends.

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