Sonos or Bose: Which is the Better Soundbar Brand?

When it comes to TV speakers both Sonos and Bose are top brands in the game. There are a plethora of speaker brands available in the market but if you want the best sound quality possible then you’ll need guidance and that is what we’re here for.

In this article, we have rounded up the two highly appraised soundbar brands. They are both easy to set up and will help you take your sound system to the next level without having a lot of cables and speakers cluttering up your living space.

1. Sound Quality 

In terms of the actual sound, both brands produce similar quality. Both Sonos and Bose use similar components such as solid-state drive transducers, woofers, and so forth. The difference between the two though is that Sonos often uses a tweeter and Bose uses a mid-range speaker.

The reason for this is that they can create more dynamic sounds by increasing the number of frequencies that are being produced at one time. In short, the sound that is produced is more lifelike and realistic, making it easier for people to enjoy home-theater systems.

Sound quality is only part of the equation, there are also other differences between the two brands. For example, when you have the Sonos Arc compared to the Bose Soundbar 700, the former has better sound quality because it supports Dolby Atmos – meaning a higher sound profile. 

2. Price and Features 

Sonos prices start at around $700 and go all the way up to a few thousand dollars. Bose is more budget-friendly but is still a very good brand. Sonos is known for its durability and quality, which is evident in its long list of happy customers. 

So which is the best? That all depends on what the owner is looking for. If the owner is looking for a multimedia system, Bose might be the best bet. Sonos is more geared towards a home theater system. The two brands have soundbar products that appeal to different audiences.

3. Durability

When comparing Sonos and Bose, another factor that may be considered is durability. Both brands have decades of technological knowledge behind them, and this is reflected in their products. Bose has been making home-theater systems for a longer period of time, and they are more stable than Sonos. 

Sonos on the other hand has only recently started manufacturing soundbars, and their reputation is built on their portable audio systems. However, Sonos has been producing home theater systems since the 1980s, so they are more established in the market.


So which one wins out? In the end, it really comes down to personal preferences. Both brands are perfect for different people, and no matter what you are looking for in a soundbar, one or the other will probably suit you. If you are looking for a basic soundbar, you might want to consider Sonos. On the other hand, if you are looking for a high-end system, Bose should be your first choice.

Both companies have solid reputations in the marketplace, so the final decision depends on what you want from a speaker. The best advice is to try a few different models out before making your final choice. You might like the features or price in one better than the other. You might even find a third option that will completely blow the doors off these two!

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