Spending on Luxury: Do You Need to Buy Luxury Watches?

Luxury watches are often the primary choice of well-off and established individuals when it comes to wristwatches. Watch collectors and enthusiasts are willing to spend tens of thousands of dollars for a single luxury timepiece. The more vintage and classic a luxury watch is, the more expensive it becomes through the years.

However, if you are a young professional, you may sometimes think twice about investing in luxury watches. Unless you already have huge savings and are willing to pay high prices for timepieces, you will often reconsider buying a luxury timepiece. The question is: should you still do it? Is a luxury watch not a good investment? Is it not worth buying these sophisticated timepieces?

Why do you need to buy luxury watches?

Buying a luxury timepiece is something that you should consider as a young professional. Here are some of the most notable factors that may help you say yes to buying a luxury timepiece.

  • There’s a brand and model for you

If you are not familiar with luxury watches, you may think that timepieces are meant to wear on formal occasions. Contrary to that belief, there is a wide selection of timepieces for all types of events and activities. For instance, if you are into sporting events such as car racing and diving, you can consider buying Omega Speedmaster or Seamaster. It is one of the most popular sports watches in the world and beyond. NASA even chose Omega to be the first timepiece to travel to the moon. 

On the other hand, if you are an avid traveler and would want to see different time zones at a glance, the Rolex GMT Master II may be the perfect watch for you. Regardless of your lifestyle, you will surely find a timepiece that’s fit for it.

  • Excellent craftsmanship

One of the points of pride of luxury watches is their craftsmanship. To date, some luxury watch manufacturers are still producing handcrafted timepieces. They prefer to build watches manually to ensure its high quality and precision. It is a more intricate and detailed process compared to mass-produced luxury watches. Additionally, luxury watches go through a series of conceptualizing and testing to ensure their performance and precision. These attributes are the things that you cannot find on a regular timepiece.

  • They are aesthetically pleasing

Aside from their craftsmanship, luxury watches come with the most artistic and creative concepts. Before a luxury watch is created, the manufacturers make sure that its aesthetic is not just appealing but also conducive for various activities. More than the color, shape, and decorations, a luxury timepiece is designed to protect its internal mechanism.

  • It has stunning useful features

As mentioned in point #1, there is a piece of luxury watch for all types of lifestyles. This is because most of the luxury watches in the market are equipped with heavy-duty features. These features set each of the timepieces apart from each other. Some are built with the most complicated tourbillon, high-performing chronographs, resistance to water and shock, and date windows or dual time zones. 

  • It will surely last for a while

Because of their pristine engineering and intricate craftsmanship, luxury watches are pretty much designed to last for more than a lifetime. If you buy these types of timepieces, you are not only buying a watch for yourself. You are also buying a timeless accessory that you can pass on to many generations. It is one of the reasons why most families use luxury watches as a family heirloom. For as long as you maintain the timepiece properly and use it regularly, there’s no reason for it to get easily damaged.

  • It’s a way to mark a milestone

Buying luxury watches is the best way to mark a milestone or to celebrate an achievement. This is how most watch collectors started their journey. If you just got married, got promoted, or closed a huge deal, you can buy a luxury watch to always remember this event.

  • It’s a great investment

A luxury watch is also a great investment. Even if you are not planning to resell your luxury timepiece, owning an item with such value is already a great investment. However, if you want to start investing in luxury watches and earn real money, you need to learn more about their technicalities. It’s best to know which brands have great market returns to have a clear project of your return of investment.

Key takeaway

Whether you are already sure that you need to buy a luxury watch or not, it is still rewarding to at least browse through some brands. In that way, you will have a closer look at each of these timepieces and see if it will work on you or not. And at the end of the day, luxury watches will surely give you more benefits than you expect. Start checking out the latest releases of luxury watches.

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