How to spot a fake TECNO, Infinix or itel Phone or check their originality

With everyday phone companies bringing in news phones for its users to buy, some phones have become popular because of its quality and the people love using it due to its features, taking Infinix, TECNO, Itel and Samsung for example, when you are in Ghana, these phones are the most used phones.

There are also a lot of people or companies that instead of creating a new phone they will rather create a refurbish of the phone that is top-selling and then sell it to people making them think they are buying the original phones.

There have been cases of people buying new phones and instead of them to use the phone to their satisfactory, they will start complaining about the phone lagging, battery dying early and also network not been so good.

Even me, I mostly receive such reports from my friends when they decide to buy a new phone and end up buying a fake phone.

It’s sad to save up money for a phone and then you finally go for that phone only later to find out you didn’t buy the original type and you cant also return it for a refund because you didn’t buy it from the original companies office.

In this article I am going to enlighten you on how to check the originality of your phone.

With these tests, you will know how spot fake phones, that is how to know when you have bought a proper Infinix, itel or TECNO phone.

How To Spot A Fake TECNO Phone

When you get yourself a new Tecno phone and you want to check the originality of this phone.

Tecno has made it easy for people to check the originality of their device. To do this visit a website ( specially created by Tecno to check the originality of their product. On this website, you will be asked to input your IMEI and your VC number and then Tecno will let you know if your phone is genuine or it is fake. 

You can also do the same by battery originality.

How To Spot A Fake Infinix Phone

Infinix has become very popular nowadays and what mostly sparked about Infinix popularity is when they made Shatta Wale their brand ambassador for the Infinix Hot 8 phones, they recorded the highest selling of phones within a period.

Infinix also got their users at heart and has also created a platform to check whether the phone you are using is original or fake

To check the originality of your Infinix phone, 

Visit the Infinix Verification Tool website (

Now type in your IMEI number and your VC number 

Now hit Submit and then wait for the results.

How To Spot A Fake itel Phone

Yes, you can also check if your Itel is original or fake, by logging in to the Itel Verification Tool website ( and inserting your IMEI and VC number.

Now, wait for some seconds whiles the website pull up the results, after the results you will get to know if your phone is original or it is fake.

Wondering how to find your IMEI and VC number?

To find your IMEI number dial *#06#

And to find your VC number you will have to check on your battery or the back of the phone.


Buying a new phone only to go home and find out it is a fake phone is one of the most painful things ever to happen to anybody, in this article we went through how to check if your new or old phone is original or fake and we believe this will help people anytime they are about to buy a new phone.

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