Starlink Satellite Broadband Approved by NCA to Operate in Ghana

Accra, April 25, 2024 — The National Communications Authority (NCA) has officially approved the application of Space X Starlink GH LTD, marking a significant step forward in satellite broadband services within Ghana. This approval allows Starlink to operate and provide its services across the nation, underlining Ghana’s commitment to expanding its digital infrastructure.

The decision by the NCA follows the recent policy approval of the Satellite Licensing Framework by the Ministry of Communications and Digitalisation, which aims to foster a more connected and digitally inclusive Ghana. The license issuance process for Starlink is currently underway and is expected to be finalized soon.

This approval comes after the NCA’s previous statement in December 2023, which declared the sale and operation of Starlink equipment and services as illegal due to the lack of a necessary license and type approval of their equipment. At that time, the NCA had cautioned the public against patronizing Starlink services and directed those engaged in its sale or operation to cease immediately, emphasizing the importance of adhering to Ghana’s Electronic Communications Act.

Background on the NCA’s Role

Established by Parliament through Act 524 in December 1996 and later updated by the National Communications Authority Act, 2008 (Act 769), the NCA serves as the statutory body responsible for licensing and regulating electronic communications in Ghana. Its approval for Starlink’s application is part of its mandate to ensure a competitive and efficient communications sector that supports the nation’s socio-economic development.

Impact on Ghana’s Digital Landscape

The introduction of Starlink’s services is anticipated to significantly boost internet availability and reliability across Ghana, particularly in remote and underserved areas where traditional broadband services are less viable. This move is expected to enhance various sectors including education, healthcare, and business, facilitating smoother communication and more robust connectivity.

As Starlink prepares to roll out its services following the completion of all administrative processes, the NCA’s decision is viewed as a pivotal development in Ghana’s journey towards enhanced national connectivity and digital inclusivity.

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