SuperForex in Ghana: What Does This Broker Offer?

Over the past decade, Forex trading has grown in popularity around the globe. First seen as a novel hobby, this industry has now been recognized as a lucrative business that can serve as one’s primary source of income. Combine this with Forex’s versatility and flexibility and the industry’s rise will hardly be surprising.

Ghana, along with many other African nations, has not watched idly while the Forex industry developed elsewhere. Instead, thanks to lots of domestic interest in trading, many brokers have launched services in Ghana. Among these, SuperForex has some of the most attractive conditions and offers. Here is a little bit more about what this broker can offer customers in Ghana.

Easy to Get Started

SuperForex might be the broker with the least demanding account requirements in Ghana. For example, standard accounts have a minimum deposit requirement of just $1 or its equivalent in other currencies. This means that it is possible to charge your account with nothing more than spare change, if you want to.

Moreover, even the smallest investment can be supercharged into a substantial amount of trading funds thanks to the SuperForex bonus program. It includes several bonuses which enhance a deposit to unlock more trading opportunities for the broker’s customers.

For instance, the Easy Deposit Bonus adds 2021% to the client’s deposit. In other words, charging your account with $10 will actually yield over $200 of trading funds.

Plus, there is a free demo account that anyone can open, which doesn’t require any money at all. The demo account is an excellent practice tool where traders can learn and test new strategies without making an investment.

Trade Anything

Forex trading used to be just about trading currency pairs. After all, the word Forex stands for “foreign exchange.” Indeed, SuperForex has tens upon tens of currency pairs to choose from if you are into Forex specifically. 

However, the company’s portfolio doesn’t end there. This broker can give you access to trading the stocks of some of the most famous companies in the world. There are also indices, options, and futures available for trading, plus CFDs and, as of recently, ETFs.

Thanks to the wide choice of assets people can invest in via their SuperForex account, they can easily build impressive portfolios and hedge their funds to protect against any possible risks.

Special Offers for Customers in Ghana

There are no country restrictions when it comes to SuperForex’s services. Customers from Ghana are eligible to open any type of account they wish, apply for any bonus, and participate in any contest.

Nevertheless, one way trading is made easier in Ghana is that traders can open accounts in Ghanaian cedi as the base currency. Using an account in GHS is helpful because clients don’t have to convert money and pay exchange fees at every deposit or withdrawal.

Furthermore, SuperForex customers have lots of payment methods at their disposal. MTN mobile money, a popular choice in Ghana, is among those, aside from other traditional methods like credit or debit cards, bank wires, and more.

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