Surfline Sim Cards Now Available to Purchase for any Phone on 4G in Ghana

Surfline Communications Limited was established as far back as 2011, but the company did not launch till in August 2014. Their services currently cover Accra, Tema, and Takoradi.

Surfline works on LTE Band 7, in the 2600 MHz frequency range.

Can anyone buy and use Surfline’s Sim Cards in their Devices?

Yes, so long as the device meets all the following requirements:

  1. LTE-enabled (check the device’s box or manual) or verify on
  2. Can operate on LTE band 7, in the 2600MHz frequency range (check the device’s box or manual)
  3. Has a SIM card slot
  4. Unlocked
You can get a Surfline Sim card at any Surfline Shop
You can get a Surfline Sim card at any Surfline Shop

If your device meets those requirements, you can walk into any Surline shop with your 4G Device or Dual Sim phone to purchase a Surfline Sim Card. After purchasing your Surfline Sim Card, you get a free 1GB Data package to help you get started on the network.

You can check with Surfline Shop is close to you here: Surfline Store Locator

Price of the Surfline Sim Card

You can purchase a Surfline SIM card at any of the Surfline Flagship Stores in Accra and Tema for GHS 9.99 and get 1GB of free data.

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