TECNO to Deploy Sensor Shift with Latest Technological Innovations, Leading the New Trend for Android Phones

A premium smartphone brand focused on global emerging markets, TECNO, outlined an array of its latest technologies and achievements at a webinar entitled “Global Mobile Camera Trends 2022: Innovation Talk”. One eye-catching development was the use of Sensor Shift, which will improve stability OF photos and video imaging.

First Runner in Android- TECNO Build Innovation in Sensor Shift

Currently, short videos on social media and live streaming are gaining popularity among the youth around the world, a more stable camera will enable users produce studio-quality videos for a more fun social networking and sharing.

In the face of the growing demand for imaging stability by users, TECNO plans to release a Sensor Shift technology in its new products in 2022, making it the first mobile phone brand with the Android system to do so.

TECNO Sensor Shift

Sensor Shift stabilizes images using sensor movements to compensate vibrations rather than using lens movements as in existing cameras. TECNO has broken through a technical barrier via an innovative circular plane design for FPC, realizing sensor movement on the roll axis, an advanced step forward from movement on the X- and Y-axis. During the simulation, it demonstrated 30% better augmentation in stress performance than the traditional vertical design. Furthermore, TECNO R&D team realized another 60% anti-shaking effect enhancement by optimizing the test environment and software.

Compared to conventional Optical Imaging Stabilisation, TECNO’s sensor shift technology can achieve a response frequency of 5,000 adjustments per second. In addition, further algorithm optimization will be used to improve the control accuracy of the technology to 350% of the current level, relieving consumers from having to worryabout the occasional hand jitter resulting in blurry images.

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TECNO is committed to continuous innovation, developing professional cameras for photography and videography, and empowering consumers to express their lifestyle through the power of future lens.

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