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Telesol 4G Data Bundles

Telesol 4G a new 4G data service providers in Ghana have promised consumers “reliable and super fast 4G Internet Service”. Today, we look at all the Telesol 4G data bundles that are available to subscribe to by consumers.

Telesol 4G Data Plans

Consumer Bundles

PlanData SizePrice (GHS)Validity
Affluence18 GB15090 Days
Kinging14 GB12090 Days
Swag6 GB6090 Days
SteEzz3.5 GB4090 Days
Ultimate2 GB2590 Days
Prime650 MB1090 Days

Business Bundles

PlanData SizePrice (GHS)ValiditySpeed
Biz 100100 GB37030  Days20mbps
Biz 7575 GB31530  Days10mbps
Biz 4545 GB25030  Days10mbps
Biz 2525 GB20530  Days10mbps

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