The Acceleration Factory of the Ghana Innovation Hub launches call for applications for Tech companies

The Ghana Innovation Hub launches a call for application for any tech-based start-up to take part in the Accelerator Factory program. This program is free to join and selected companies will get extensive training from experts in their field as well as 30,000 USD in cash and AWS credits and services to support their business. Starting from the 29th of February till 15th May, throughout the program start-ups will also get mentoring from leading industry tycoons.

The accelerator program is lead by BlueSPACE Africa – one of the Ghana Innovation Hub consortium partners. The program called Accelerator Factory is there to transform the growth potential of existing start-ups. Rather than following the model established by the first accelerator known as Y- combinator back in 2005, the Accelerator Factory is novel in that it focuses on growth by developing the capacity in four main areas: people, process, product and profits.

Located in the Accra Digital Centre near circle, The Ghana Innovation Hub was set up by a consortium of BlueSPACE Africa, the Ghana Technology University College (GTUC) and MDF West Africa, under the eTransform project of the Ministry of Communications with funding from the World Bank Group.

For tech-based start-up which ideally are over a year old and have generated revenue should register under this link:

The application deadline is Wednesday the 12th of February.

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