The African Silicon Valley: Ándela Launches In Ghana

Having opened in over seven countries over the world, including Nigeria, South Africa, Egypt USA and UK, Andela is a panafrican technology-inclined company seeking to bridge the gap between international computing jobs and African work force.

This year, 2020, as part of its activities to establish branches in more countries and reach out to more engineers, Andela is seeking to launch its operations in Ghana, Accra to be specific.

During a press launch held at Impact Hub- Accra on Tuesday, the team from Andela briefed the media about the rationale behind Andela and the achievements of the company.

About Andela

Andela is a multinational computer engineering (Software) company which seeks to bring together qualified programmers all over Africa to work as a team on international projects from market leaders such as google, Facebook, Intel and Microsoft among many others.

Andela has been operating for over 6 years and has gained roots in many of Africa’s tech countries over the past 5 years.

Andela, named after one of Africa’s greatest leaders, Mandela is co-owned by 7 African programmers who saw the need to unite all programmers in Africa for bigger projects that could redefine the work.

Andela’s Mission In Ghana

Andela’s mission in Ghana is for the team to train and recruit enterprising Ghanaian programmers to be ready for international jobs that can make them successful in their field of choice.

How To Be Part Of Adela

To join the andela community of software engineers, you must have at least five years working experience in the field of programming or coding.

Once you satisfy this condition and you’re sure that you want to scale your skills to the next height, visit this link to apply:

The process is quite easy once you have the required experience and you are not required to make any payment whatsoever.

If you do not have any programming skills yet you are interested in programming or you wish to grow your experience in programming so as to increase your qualification for the andela community, you can join the ALC.

The ALC stands for Andela Learning community- a community that teaches young people how to code and how to be ready for the international market.

How To Join The ALC

To join the Andela learning community, you’ll have to follow Andela on social media so as to get information about the next recruitment cycle. Mostly, recruitments are done in May and August of each year.

It may vary from time to time but you’ll definitely see the announcement on Andela social media pages so you could follow the procedure to be registered and join.

Andela Partners

Andela has partnered with over 30 companies locally and globally over the past 6 years of its existence. Some of these companies include: Coursera, Women who code, headspace, starcity, percolate, Viacom, two sigma, Github, BBC, weave, gusto, medable amongst others.

Read Full Press Statement below;


Andela Hosts Ghana Tech Ecosystem at Media Connect and Remote Heroes Events

Feb. 10th 2020/– Andela, the engineering-as-a-service business that helps companies build teams quickly and cost-effectively so they can ship faster, hosted experienced software engineers and tech journalists in  Ghana, as it looks to recruit more experienced engineers and scale its Ghana operations in 2020. Following the launch of its marketing campaign – Grow with Andela, the “Media Connect” and “Remote Heroes” events are part of plans to connect with the Ghanaian media landscape and attract more senior engineers. 

In 2017, Andela scaled its remote operations to Ghana in a bid to hire more experienced engineers, to help the organization meet the growing market demand for engineers. Over the past two years, Andela has successfully hired over 50 experienced engineers in Ghana whose careers have grown tremendously from working with global companies like GitHub, Coursera, PlutoTv, and ProdPerfect. Andela’s deliberate move to directly connect with the Ghanaian senior engineers and press with its events are informed by a need to hire more senior technologists.

At the media connect event, Solomon Apenya, Principal Engineer, Andela Ghana said in his fireside chat session “In all my 12 years of being a software engineer, the experiences I have gathered over the last 3 years as an engineer at Andela are my most valuable and I have seen my skill grow tremendously. Andela isn’t just the home of the best engineers in Africa, our engineers are some of the best in the world.

Oluwasola Obagbemi, Andela’s Senior Communications Manager for Africa shared Andela’s compelling origin story and the company’s direction going forward. During her presentation, she stated that “Andela is home to some of the world’s best technology talent and engineers who join us will not only be doing meaningful work that enhances their careers and gives them access to amazing global opportunities, they’ll also be tapping into a community of great engineers who they can learn from, on their journey to becoming world-class” 

Andela announced the launch of its “Grow with Andela” campaign in November 2019 and hosted a Remote Heroes event across Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda, and Rwanda. On the 8th of February, Andela hosted its Remote Heroes event which was attended by key stakeholders and leading technologists in Ghana such as Edem Kumodzi, CTO at Africa Foresight Group, Ivy Barley, CEO of Developers in Vogue, Williams Adu, Principal Engineer at Andela and Stefan Froelich, Principal Engineer at Andela who all shared insights on “Toolkit & Essentials for Engineers on Becoming World Class” at a panel session. 

Andela is currently hiring experienced senior software engineers who are not just passionate and skilled but are willing to change the world one line of code at a time. Apply here for open roles at Andela.

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