The Best Android App Dialers You Can Use Right Now

One of the main reasons why we all use mobile phones is the ability to make phone calls. Other than that, most of the other things we do on our phones could have been done on other equally able devices like laptops and the other types of computers which can be used to access the internet.

Android is undoubted, the most used smartphone Operating System (OS) in the world. According to Business of Apps, there are more than 2.5 billion active users of Android in over 190 countries all over the world.

In a world of about 7.753 billion people, Android has over 32.245 percent of the world’s population. This means that for every people you pick at random in the world, approximately 32 of them are using Android and that is massive. This number could be linked to the easy nature of the OS and the freedom it gives to its users over other Operating Systems like iOS.

By default, every new Android device comes with a phone dialer app already installed on them with some of them being system apps, i.e., they cannot be deleted. But not all these app dialers are able to meet the needs and standards of certain users.

In such situations, there is the need to download and install a personal phone dialer that meets your needs and standards. And in this guide, I am going to show you some of the best Android app dialers you can use right now on your device.

The Best Android App Dialers You Can Use Right Now

Simple Dialer

Just as the name suggests, Simple Dialer is a simple Android dialer app you can use on your device right now. One of the outstanding features of this app is the unique User Interface (UI) and its tabbed structure.

Some of the other main features include call blocking and group texting, nice contact management, merging and syncing, duplicate finding, online and offline contact backup, smart T9 dialer, and smart clean-up options.

Phone and Contacts by Google

Phone and Contacts are different apps that are available on the Google Play Store for Android users. The Phone app is basically Google’s base dialer app which has features like caller ID, spam warnings, and the ability to search for nearby places to get the phone number of the specified location.

Contacts on the other hand is a contact management app which although is basic, has some distinct and effective features that stand out from the rest. Since it was developed by Google, you can save and back up your contacts to your Google account and later restore them whenever you use a new device. You can also merge duplicate contacts, separate work, and personal contacts, and some other cool features you can find in it.


Truecaller is one of the most popular Android app dialers in the world and it also doubles as a messaging app. Most people use Truecaller due to its ability to find out the name of your caller and the country of the call and the fact that is free is also another contributing reason.

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But aside from that, Truecaller also has an SMS spam filter, dual-SIM support, call blocking, and many other features. The UI is simple and can be used by both tech geeks and non-tech geeks as well. Although it is free, there’s also a yearly package of $17.99 which gives you access to the premium features that are not available on the free package.

 Eyecon: Caller ID, Calls, Phone Book & Contacts

Do you love to add photos to your contacts? If yes, then Eyecon is the right fit for you. As one of the most intuitive Android app dialers in the world, Eyecon allows you to sync your dialer to Facebook so that photos are automatically added to contacts.

Eyecon also organizes the most dialed contacts and place communication buttons in front of the most often contact numbers using the intelligence of the app. Not only can you sync your dialer to Facebook, but you can also sync it to most the other social media platforms like WhatsApp, Viber, etc. making it easy to identify unknown numbers.


Contacts+ is one of the great Android app dialers you can use on your device for free. This is also a two-in-one dialer and contacts app which has some pretty cool features in it. Some of these amazing features include contact management, merging, and finding duplicate contacts.

Also featured in it is the ability to customize how your contact list and call logs are displayed in a user-friendly way. You can also connect with your friends and others on the Contacts+ app. It protects your stored contacts via encryption and beyond making sure your contacts are safe.

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Apart from the apps mentioned in the article, you can also try some other apps like Drupe, Metro Phone Dialer, OS9 Phone Dialer, True Phone Dialer, Simple Contacts Pro, etc. All these apps can be found on the Google Play Store, and they are all free.

Over the years, Android devices have been known to be one of the most customizable devices in the world. One way you can customize your device is by changing the dialer on it and this article has shown some of the best Android app dialers you can use for your device.

Is there an app that redials for you?

Yes. There are several Android apps that can be used for auto redials. Popular among these is the AutoRedia app which was developed by theCodingOwl.

How do I set auto redial on Android?

Open the Settings app on your device, go to Call Settings and then look for Auto Redial. Finally, tap on the Enable option to save your changes.

How do I automatically redial a number?

Upon successful completion of setting the redial on your phone, all the calls that are not able to go through will be redialled automatically without you having to do anything about it. On some devices, the question will be asked for you to either allow or decline the command.

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