The Best Apps for College Students

College students have revolutionized their age since they have access to technology that was not present there back then. You can get more information on research paper help online. Here are the best and top apps that students in college must have:

Studying apps


The older generations used to have flashcards to assist them in studying. They were pieces of paper with one side containing a question, and the next page had the answer. Today’s kids do not have that time to find a paper and pen to jot down important things. Quizlet is the way to go. With it, you can create the flashcards, test yourself, play educative games, and connect with other students on the same platform. 


It has a full library with flashcards, guides, and notes that students across the United States have made. The notes help students learn, and they can also interact in the areas they feel they are not firm to assist them even more. 

Time Timer

Many people are rooting for ways to get their focus on the check. It is easy to get distracted by social media when you are going through your notes and end up wasting precious minutes in it. College students get distracted the most when it comes to studying. With the Time Timer app, you get yourself a visual timer to help you create alerts and set it for specific things. 

Communication Apps


Most college students do not often check their emails. When faced with this issue, turn to Spike as it is a conglomeration of all messaging services like emails, tasks, collaborations amongst team members, calls, and chats. It is available on all platforms and will help you as a student to keep your communication in check. 


Most people are using the app since it gets used with hundreds of millions of people on the planet. College students can utilize this app to keep in touch with relatives and friends. It is free and is also a secure platform that offers end-to-end encryption of messages and allows you to send messages, make voice and video calls, record videos, and take photos, and also sharing documents. If you are studying abroad or you want to communicate with your friends, it is the app to use. 

Apps for Health


College students who have mental conditions or rely on certain drugs to keep them afloat during the day need this app. It helps you take your meds on time and can help you relieve your stress too. With it, you have portable access to the information on medication, such as the direction, warnings, and side effects. You have the reminders of dosage and a tracker that checks your consumption. You are also alerted on missed dosages that can get sent to up to five individuals. 


The first time in college is the realization that you will not be meeting your family in a long time. You have to take care of yourself daily and attend classes. The app connects you to the nearest therapists, and you can talk to them in any manner you feel comfortable. You can either call, text or video call them to make contact. You can also have a conversation with them at any time of the day or night. You pay $40-$70 weekly to gain premium membership of having unlimited access.

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