The Best Apps For Locking Softwares On Your Android Phone

Secrecy and privacy are the keywords behind the need for protecting how people interact with your mobile devices.

Most times, our phones contain some sensitive pieces of information such as our banking details, important dates, vital passwords and usernames as well as images and applications.

The need to protect such pieces of information on your phone becomes even more necessary when you realize the number of people that are likely to use your phone with or without your permission.

If you are a married man or woman, chances are that your spouse my comb through your phone or your children may play with your phone while you’re busy with something else.

Again, you may lose your phone through theft or by misplacing it. In such instances, whoever the phone gets to may have the privilege of accessing all files and apps on your phone.

The consequences of all the above-listed situations could be dire to you as an individual and the family as a whole.

In order to prevent all the above, there is a need for you to lock the apps on your phone.

In this article, I shall take you through some of the best apps you can use to lock other apps on your android phone.

Norton App Lock

For all security-cautious individuals, Norton is a common name in the anti-virus industry. Just as with their antivirus software, Norton App Lock is a perfect App lock for your android device.



The Applock is built to be ad-free and contains a large range of features.

What fascinates me about this software is the unrivalled element of spying on intruders.

The app allows you to lock your apps, images and files with password, PIN or fingerprint.

It also has the ability to secretly record and capture the face of intruders so you could track them when you return to your phone.

What is more, Norton gives you recommendations for the apps you should lock on your phone. This is based on Artificial Intelligence systems which detect where your sensitive information may be hidden.

Applock – Fingerprint Unlock

This app developed by Cheetah Movile is one of the best app locks you can use on your android mobile device today.

It allows you to use your fingerprint sensor to secure your apps from unauthorised entries.

You may also create a PIN or use a pattern to lock the phone apps.

AppLock-Fingerprint Unlock by Cheetah Mobile is a lightweight Android app lock that allows you to use your fingerprint sensor to lock apps. You can also use a pattern or create a numeric PIN to lock phone app.

One other interesting thing about this app is that it enables you to lock other aspects of your phone such as your Wi-fi, Bluetooth, your phone settings and incoming call logs.

It also comes with an in-built timer which enables you to set a time within which it’s supposed to lock on idle mode.

Smart Applock Pro ( App Protect)

The Smart Applock pro is also a leading name when it comes to app locks for android devices. With an ad-free user interface and being a complete freeware, Smart Applock has some really beautiful features you can use.

This app allows you to lock your private data, pictures, videos, incoming call logs, phone settings and apps.

The lock methods include gestures, fingerprint sensor, password, PIN and patterns.

Also, for its security aspect, the app takes secret photos of individuals who wrongly try to access your phone. It then sends an email to an address you setup during installation.


Our fourth and final pick has to be MaxLock.  This app is one of the finest lock apps for those looking to achieve more than just locking their apps and settings.

With Maxlock, you have improved battery performance and an overall improvement in device health and performance.

It shrinks data and therefore does not take up too much space as well.

The MaxLock app allows you to lock your phone settings, photos, videos, apps and other settings.

Its lock methods include PIN, Password or knock code and pattern.

The best part of this app, however, is that it enables you to fake the crash of apps that are locked.

So, when someone tries to open a locked app, it looks as if the phone had frozen or the app had crashed.

Also, you can hide the lock app by changing its icon and hiding it in a different folder on your device so that nobody realises that you intentionally locked your apps.


So, there you have it. A list of apps you can use to lock your android phone from intruders. The apps listed above were carefully selected based on their properties and how safe they may be.

However, for the sake of your own safety from phishing apps (Apps that look like the apps listed above but are fake), you are required to read the reviews on the play store before you download any of them. I hope this article was helpful to you.

If you do have any other app you’d like to share with us, kindly indicate it in the comment box. We would love to hear from you. You can also reach out to us via email or call for more information.

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