The best apps to stay up to date with football around the world

It can be tricky knowing when there is football on and knowing when games are being played but luckily in this day and age, there are plenty of apps to help with this predicament. 

Although there are lots of apps available to help you watch football live, this article will help you keep on top of the latest scores with some of the best apps out there. You may even want to look at some other apps to do with football like fantasy football or betting apps offers to also enjoy the sport.


Arguably the best app out there for following scores, FotMob really has it all for any football fan. With over 200 leagues available worldwide and many competitions such as the World Cup (Men and women) it offers a wide range of games.

With many games also featuring live-in-play commentary and ball tracking so you know where the play is up to. Fotmob even offers the latest odds available from bet365 as a way for you to manage how the game is going.

FotMob also has live notifications of certain games you want to follow even more. With half time, full time, goals and cards all notified to your phone as it happens.

Live Score

An app that has been running live since 1998. This is a tried and tested app with perfect functionality for delivering fast and up to date scores. The app is straight forward to use and one that gets the job done with no frills. 

The scores are clear and you can certainly find what you need quickly. Not only does it offer football scores but you also get live tennis, basketball, hockey and cricket scores on this app.

Goal Live Scores

Another fantastic app that has quality interface and up to date scores. Much like FotMob, the app offers live tracking of the ball but with Goal Live Scores you get incredibly quick alerts with instant goal updates so you will never miss anything that happens in the game you are following. 

On the app you can also follow your favourite teams and you will get live notifications regarding news, transfers and goals when it comes to that team. You can even add more than one team to follow.

Forza Football App

Straightforward and easy to use. The app is clean and ideal for Android users who want to get their scores quickly with no frills or fuss. It can track over 420 leagues across the world which means you have the whole world in your control…when it comes to football.

When the lineups are announced the squad will be placed in the probable formation they will play and each player has their own picture. 

Flash Scores

One of the biggest names in football score apps. Flash Scores has all the capabilities and more as it can let you watch full matches during the app.

With quick live updates and notifications, this app might be the perfect one for you to download and play with. Although, the interface is very simple to use so it will not take you long to get used to how it works.

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