The Best Cloud Storage Platforms Of 2022

As the demand for gadgets such as smartphones, laptops, and other new technology grows, so does the necessity for safe online storage platforms.

At the time of writing, demand for cloud services is higher than ever. If you’re one of those who can’t decide which services to use, this article is for you. will assist you in making the best decision possible.

The services described in this article will not always fit your needs. Still, they will provide you with the proper ergonomics, multi-platform integration, security, privacy, and performance.

These are the greatest options now available to cut a long story short.


A few years ago, pCloud was a relatively unknown service. Currently, It is now one of the industry’s leading references, thanks to a user-friendly layout and a plethora of features available to users of the free edition.


 It directly competes with some of the most popular deals on the market because of its various attributes. By following simple procedures such as downloading the desktop application, uploading an archive, and so on, the platform offers a free plan with up to 10 GB of online storage.

 The Premium 500 GB subscription costs € 4.99 per month, while the Premium Plus 2 TB subscription costs € 9.99 per month. Both are presently available for 175 and 350 euros in a Lifetime version.

Google Drive

Google Drive is one of the most comprehensive and effective online storage solutions available. Because of the native integration of the Workspace suite and its in-house services, the service prioritizes collaboration and content sharing.

Not to mention a powerful selective backup tool and hundreds of third-party programs that the platform offers. On the other hand, while Google complies, we ought not to be overly concerned with data privacy.

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The platform offers a free plan with 15 GB of online storage, which is one of the most generous on the market, but keep in mind that it is shared among Gmail, Photos, and Drive.

One of the most appealing on the market is the admission ticket, which starts at € 1.99 per month for 100 GB. Individual storage plans cost € 2.99 per month for 200 GB and € 9.99 per month for 2 TB.


Dropbox remains the go-to reference on the market thanks to its synchronization methods, fantastic usability, performance, and interoperability with most OS and third-party applications.

 The fact that its data centres are in the United States and the free version’s limited storage space tarnishes this beautiful picture a touch.

The service provides five premium plans, two of which are for people and the primary Dropbox Basic option, which includes just 2 GB of free online storage space that may be expanded through a referral system.

 The Plus package costs € 9.99 per month for 2 TB, while the Family package costs € 16.99 per month for 2 TB up to 6 users.


The most exemplary free cross-platform cloud service remains MEGA. Its end-to-end security, large extensible storage capacity, selected backup options, and sharing capabilities stand out.

The platform is available for Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, and web browser extensions for Chrome, Edge, and Firefox.

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MEGA provides the option of conducting complete or selective backups in addition to the now-standard synchronization folder placed locally on the desktop.

When you sign up for an account, you’ll get 50 GB of internet storage. This includes 15 GB of incompressible storage and 35 GB of usable storage for 30 days.


OneDrive, which is seamlessly integrated into Windows and Office, provides robust real-time collaboration features and simple sharing options. However, it does not allow for selective backup.

The free plan isn’t the most appealing market, with just 5 GB of cloud storage. On the other hand, Microsoft is striking hard with their € 7/month deal, which bundles 1 TB of storage with the Microsoft 365 office suite.


iCloud Drive is unlike any other online storage and syncing service. It is devoted to Apple’s devices and environment, and it has a deep connection that enables it to function invisibly for consumers.

It can be easily described as a simple, practical, and cost-effective solution exclusively available to Apple consumers. Advanced backup, sharing, and collaboration functions are available via Dropbox, pCloud, and Google Drive.

With the free iCloud plan, you get 5 GB of storage space for free. Apple also provides three low-cost subscriptions, ranging from € 0.99 per month for 50 GB to € 2.99 per month for 200 GB and € 9.99 per month for 2 TB.

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Ufile is a cutting-edge cloud service with solid end-to-end security and unique features. It’s beneficial for exchanging safe data since it’s completely anonymous and doesn’t need registration.

 Its cloud synchronization and storage capabilities, on the other hand, are much less appealing. Ufiile provides 2 GB of storage and free data transfers of up to 5 GB.

The premium plans’ prices are relatively costly, but they come with sharing and selling features that you won’t find with other hosting providers.

Ufile Pro costs $9 per month for 1 TB of storage (10 GB transfer), and Ufile Business costs $29 per month for 3 TB of storage (10 GB transfer) (100 GB transfer).

Amazon Drive

Amazon Drive is a service that is just half-hearted. It has incredible features like block-level syncing, selective backup, and file preview. However, sharing, collaboration, and productivity choices are restricted or non-existent.

Amazon Drive’s paid storage options are no longer competitive since they are more costly than average. Its unlimited picture storage offer for Amazon Prime users, on the other hand, is proving to be highly appealing.

Like OneDrive and iCloud, Amazon Drive provides a free plan with 5 GB of storage. Amazon Prime users ($5.99/month) have been spoilt with almost limitless picture storage.

Despite the odds, Amazon Drive plans are not cheap, costing € 1.99 per month for 100 GB, € 9.99 per month for 1 TB, and € 19.99 per month for 2 TB.

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