The Best Data Recovery Software For iPhones

Data loss is an unpleasant act in our digital world that is hurting many ICT users at one time or another. The most common reason for data loss is connected to our everyday lives, the way we save, store, and handle our data.

iPhone data loss occurs when there is an accidental deletion or a failed software upgrade. Data loss can also be random. A lot of things can make your iPhone data inaccessible, in this post I will show you how you can recover your lost files.

Below are some of the causes of data loss.

  • Human Error – Human error is a common cause of data loss. Accidental deletion of your IOS data is frequent among iPhone users. Sometimes you could accidentally delete a new iTunes backup or even restore data from a wrong backup file.
  • Software Upgrade Failure – Upgrade failure can make your iPhone unstable leading to Data Loss. Cable disconnection during an upgrade process can lead to instant data loss.
  • Physical Damage – Dropping your iPhone on the ground, mistakenly dropping your iPhone in water, and any other physical damage can cause data loss. It is advisable to always keep your device in a protected case.
  • Lost or Stolen iPhone – A lost or misplaced iPhone leads to instant data loss since you have no access to the device.
  • Factory Reset – Factory reset erases all your data from your iPhone which leads to instant data loss.
  • Virus and Malware Attacks – Security is a hallmark of Apple but installing or downloading files from unsecured sources may lead to virus disrupting your data.

Losing data is not the end of your life. There are so many ways you can follow to recover your lost data from your IOS device. Follow below-highlighted software to use to recover files from your iPhone.

Dr. Fone

Dr. Fone is one of the oldest and popular recovery software in the system. You can install Dr. Fone on your computer or Mac. Connect your iPhone via lightning USB cable and Dr.Fone will start searching for your lost files.

The software can recover files from IOS directly but can also scan iCloud or iTunes backups. For more features, you can upgrade the software at a cost.

EaseUs Mobisaver

EaseUs is synonymous with Dr. Fone. It can also recover dater from an iDevice or from an iCloud or iTunes Backup. Its capable of digging files we forget existed on the machine.

Its free version is limited to 5 contacts recovery and 1 photo restore. Users can upgrade to Pro versions for full features.

Stellar Data Recovery For iPhone

Same as the above software, Stellar Data Recovery can recover files from iPhone or iPad. It’s also capable of recovering some iTunes and iCloud backups.

The free version can help you know the files you can recover. For the recovery process, you will have to upgrade to the full version.

This recovery software is the few highlighted once you can use to recover data from your iPhone device.


Data loss is a pain in the ass. Gone are the days when we lose data then we are left hanging up with no option of recovery but for now, there are numerous options available that can be used to restore our data.

Share your experience in the use of these software’s in the comment section to help other readers. Thank you.

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