The best Networks to use for Calls, SMS, Data & Mobile Money in Ghana

When it comes to telecommunication services in ghana, one can say that some of the services are very good while some too very poor. Some have outstanding services in specific aspects of their services.

Telecomm services have become very expensive over the years, so users tend to love reasonable offers and advantage.

This article will talk about each telco in ghana and its stronghold in each aspect of telecom service providers. 

Mobile Money – MTN

MTN has a motto that says “everywhere you go,” and that’s a fact with this telco’s financial service.
They’re everywhere and very convenient. One thing they can assure you is that you’ll never be in the lacking when you want to make a transaction with their service.

They also have cool terms and conditions and offers. You pay no fees when making transactions to other MTN MoMo users (up to GHS 100 daily) and pay regular interoperability rates when sending money to different networks.

Some people might argue that Vodafone is the best because it doesn’t charge you for any transaction whatsoever, be it to the same networks or different networks.

But are they available everywhere? Are they reliable? Are they convenient?

I’ll arguably say no, they aren’t. MTN Mobile Money is currently the best for availability everywhere and reliable services when it comes to Mobile Money Transactions in Ghana.

Data Bundle – Vodafone

Data is one of the most important services these telcos provide us.

This is because most of us use smartphones, and we need data bundles for our phones to function. Vodafone has some very cheap and amazing offers which come in different types.

They have the “made4me” offer, which also comes in different types. They have GHS 5.50 for 5 GB. This is non arguably the cheapest data offer you can get anywhere in the country. They also have special offers. Which also comes in different types. These are:

  • GHS 2 for 300MB daily
  • GHS 2.15 for 400MB daily and
  • GHS 3.25 for 1.5GB daily.

All these offers will make a user switch to Vodafone if he’s already using a different network.

MTN also has one of the best midnight bundle offers, but midnight bundles don’t matter like the ones we need during the day.

Airteltigo also has amazing no expiry bundle offers, but in my opinion, none beats Vodafone’s bundle packages. 

Calls and SMS – AirtelTigo

When it comes to calls, some people talk a lot on their phones.

Sometimes it’s business calls or talking to their lovers. So in cases like this, they need offers that can enable them to speak without worrying too much.

AirtelTigo offers such best offers, even including international calls offers. SMS packs, either weekly or monthly or no expiry, all exist on AirtelTigo.

They even have call bundles to call all networks with no expiry, which only exists on one other telco across the country.

They also have reasonable offers at affordable prices, such as GHS 2, GHS 5, GHS 10, and GHS 15, which also come with data packages.


Every telco has a stronghold in each service that they render to customers.

Like I’ve said earlier, MTN mobile network is best known for their mobile money services nationwide, whereas Vodafone’s data packages are one to talk about proudly.

Very affordable SMS packs and unlimited, non-expiry call bundle packages are for AirtelTigo only.

Not saying other networks are deficient in the different aspects of their services, but their competitors are arguably better than them in other parts of their telecommunication services.

One might say from an observation that you need more than one SIM card to enjoy telco services in Ghana.

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