The Best Ways You Can Check Your Internet Speed in Ghana

Faster internet is what everybody yearns for as long as the internet is into play. The United Nations (UN) declared a connection a human right. Technically, a fast internet connection is needed to be able to benefit a lot from the advancement of technology in recent times.

The speed of your internet is what determines how much it takes for you to perform important tasks online and mostly how connected you can remain to the outside.

Your choice of Internet provider and plan is one of the most important ones you can choose for yourself. In Ghana, a lot of Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are around but few of them delivers when it comes to speed.

As once said, bad internet is worse than no internet. Having access to a slow internet connection is the worst thing that could happen to anyone. Today in Ghana there a lot of ISPs offering faster internet.

History Of The Internet In Ghana

The Internet was introduced in Ghana in the year 1993 by a collaboration between Network Computer System (NCS), Ministry of Transport and Communication, Ghana Telecom, and British Telecom.

Ghana has more than 15 Internet Service Providers offering different forms of internet services. All the ISPs provide internet wirelessly.

Apart from the major network service providers like MTN Ghana, Airtel Tigo, Vodafone Ghana, and Globacom we all know of, there are other internet service providers too like Africa online, ADTech IT, Busy Network, Blue cloud and many more.

Internet Users In Ghana

According to the 2020 statistics data released in 2020, there are over 14.76 million internet users in Ghana as of January 2020. This means there was a 7.5% increase in the use of the internet compared to 2019’s data report. 7.5% is represented by a 1 million increase.

As of internet penetration, the data stood at a standstill as there was no increase nor decrease. Internet penetration stood at 48% in January 2020.

Social Media Users In Ghana

The data released in 2020 shows that there are over 6.00 million users of social media networks in Ghana as of January. This shows a percentage increment of 12% (629 thousand) between April 2019 to January 2020.

Mobile Connections In Ghana

Mobile connections in Ghana saw a rise in number. There are 39.97 million mobile connections as of January 2020. This saw an increase of 825 thousand (+2.1%) between January 2019 to January 2020.

How To Test For Your Internet Connection

First things first, before you test your internet connection speed, ensure the following guidelines are followed.

  • Don’t split up your connection with other users
  • Test under ideal but normal conditions. What is meant here is, don’t test your connection while downloading movies or music from the same connection.
  • Perform a few tests
  • Test over the course of the day.

Below are the resources you can use to check your internet speed.

  • SpeedTest.Net – This site is one of the most popular and oldest site for testing internet speed. Each testing made is recorded for easy comparison. Its massive list of servers makes it easier to perform accurate tests.
  • – This displays tests in chart form which allows you to notice the consistency of your network over a period of time.
  • – Presents statistics for your speed of your ISP in a comprehensive way.
  • Xfinity Speed Test – You don’t need an account to test for your speed. No annoying pop-under ads. The only limit is, your speed test is not saved.
  • – Netflix’s own internet testing site. You can use this as an alternative to test your connection speed.

Apart from the websites used for speed testing, there are also mobile applications that can be used to render the same results on Android or IOS.

  1. Ookla Speed Test
  2. Speedsmart
  3. V-speed speed test
  4. Bandwidth place
  5. Speedtest master
  6. Speedcheck Internet Speed Test.

All these apps can be downloaded from Google Playstore for Android or Apple store for IOS.


Most ISPs promise faster download and upload speed but fail to deliver behind the scenes. You can use the above resources and applications to check your real internet speed if your ISP is delivering as expected.

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