The Favourite Slot Games to Play in 2024

There has been a big shift within the casino industry in the past two decades. That time has seen online casinos increasingly replace land-based ones as the way that most people use casinos.

One thing that has not changed as a result of that process is the most popular casino game though. Slots were the choice for the majority of players in the pre-digital era and they have remained so since casinos moved online.

Every year brings a clutch of brand new slot games to capitalise on the public hunger for them and every year the hottest titles change. Below we have listed the favourite ones for this year, to help you pick a slot that suits you.

Rainbow Riches

Rainbow Riches is not a new game. The very first slot in this long-running series came out back in 2008 and it started as a land-based casino game.

Now there are multiple versions of it online including Rainbow Riches: Cluster Magic, Rainbow Riches Megaways and Rainbow Riches Deluxe. These add features like the megaways one that make the odds of winning a cash payout a bit better for the player.

However, they all have the same Irish theme that helped to make the original a truly legendary game among casino fans. You can still play that slot machine online, as well as all of the sequels. 

You will find fun, colourful Celtic imagery, plus a maximum jackpot of 500x your original wager.


The second of the favourite slot games for this year is another that has been around for a long time. The very best slot games age like fine wine though and Starburst is a good example of that.

It has the classic five-row, three-reel set-up of the online slot and the icons on the reels are glittering coloured gems. That gives it a sparkling multicoloured look that is as appealing as the Rainbow Riches imagery.

Starburst first hit online casinos in 2012, so again it has stayed popular for more than a decade. One reason for this is that it has a very simple format that makes it a great way for new slot players to get into the game.

Another is the Win Both Ways feature. That means matching rows of icons can come from either right to left or left to right, whereas with most slots it is just the latter. This feature doubles the potential for wins when playing the game.

Big City 5’s

Big City 5’s is a newer slot that was created by the developer IGT. That is not one of the top slot game companies, but this is the sort of game that can help make a mark among casino fans.

It is another game that has five rows of three reels and the chosen theme for the game is the big city. It is reflected in icons like a bar symbol, but not as well defined as some other slot themes.

What has made this slot into one of the most popular is its game-play. It has a wild and scatter among the reel icons to give players a better chance of getting a matching line and also has free spins available to potentially multiply any wins.

The return-to-player (RTP) is a solid 96%, while volatility is medium. That means the best of both worlds: sizeable payouts on a frequent basis.

Gold Rush Express

With a name like that, you would expect this slot to deliver some gold for its players and you would not be disappointed. It has twenty pay lines to bet on, so there is plenty of scope for a win.

There are also no less than four different jackpots on offer. The real prize is the Grand Jackpot though – winning that means a payout of 5000x your initial bet. 

That jackpot is a big part of the reason why this game has become a favourite slot for 2024 but the theme is a lot of fun too. It is a Wild West one with graphics of panhandlers searching for gold and a train taking you to and from the hills.

Dragon’s Myth

Dragon’s Myth was created by Microgaming, probably the pre-eminent online slot developer. It has shot up the rankings for 2024 because it has some of the best graphics to be found on any online slot right now.

They include the dragon of the title and a young girl adventurer and they really bring the mythic theme to life for the player. Minimum bets are quite high at £1, but this is a low volatility slot so players are all but guaranteed to start winning quite quickly.

It also has a massive progressive jackpot.

These are the slot games that lead the way this year.

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