The list of popular apps for students in 2023

Whether you are a high school, college, or university student, trying to optimize your social life and studying is essential. Finding the perfect balance between these two spheres is possible by using mobile applications and services. Some of them will help you with homework and studying, while others may positively influence your time management skills and health. Let’s explore the most effective apps for students in the text below.

Homework helpers


Available for iOS and Android devices

In simple words, it’s a calculator which can identify data from photos and give you a solution. All you need is to turn on the phone camera. It’s very convenient to check your math homework after you have finished it. Also, you can draw polynomial graphics and insert them directly into your work. Use this app during math lectures to better understand the material, especially if you are a visual learner.


Available for iOS, Android, and Windows devices

This application is a mix of math and other computing methods in one place. If you need to get answers related to science and math, it’s one of the best places to get answers. You can access more detailed explanations and step-by-step solutions in the pro version. Also, you can learn programming with Wolfram language in Wolfram Programming Lab to deepen your knowledge in math.


Available for iOS devices

It’s one of the best essay writing apps for iOS that you can find on It will ease the writing process of writing various academic papers for college and university. Expert writers will take care of all stages of writing, from researching to formatting to creating a quality paper. You can get help with all essays, coursework, research papers, project reports, etc. It will be especially helpful for students who are tight on time, puzzled with complex topics, or need additional help with written assignments.


Available in the mobile web version

The service has an excellent mobile web version that you can easily use on your smartphone. We couldn’t miss it because this app is a great assistant when writing essays and other texts. For example, if you can’t reach the originality score of your text or need to improve poor-looking phrases, you can use the QuillBot paraphrasing tool. Also, it can help you achieve the required word limit. Just write several phrases in Co-Writer and use the suggestion option to get AI-generated extra sentences.


Google Calendar

Available for iOS and Android devices

Google Workspace allows you to organize your events in a plain way. Also, you can share your calendar with other users. Moreover, the calendar will synchronize with your google mail and other google services.

Available for iOS and Android devices

This application is great for organizing your study schedule and daily routine. The simple program will help you stay organized daily and keep in mind everything you plan to do for a day. Also, you can use ready templates and other tools to create your schedule quickly.


Available for iOS and Android devices

It’s one of the finest productivity tools to organize both your personal tasks and study routine. You can quickly add tasks, set notifications, priorities, task lists, and much more. Besides, you can connect other services and calendars (like Google calendar, Alexa, etc.) to your Todoist account. 

Health and Mindfulness

BetterMe: Mental Health

Available for iOS and Android devices

You can access simple and working methods for relaxation, stress relief, and self-help. BetterMe can create a detailed plan for you to improve your well-being by doing simple breathing techniques, meditation, and reading short motivational articles.


Available for iOS and Android devices

Did you know that your productivity and mental health is closely related to your diet and physical activity? With apps like MyFitnessPal, you can track your activity, exercise, and daily calorie intake. Moreover, it includes practices for mindfulness and better sleeping. You can set your desired weight goal, and the app will help you reach it.


Available for iOS and Android devices

According to the research, more than 44% of people forget to take their meds. If you need to take medication regularly or take a course of vitamins and supplements, an application will remind you to take your dose. Moreover, this application will notify about doctor’s appointments and may track blood sugar levels, temperature, and other health records in one place.

Wrapping Up

To be ready to get A’s and B’s in college, you need to balance studying and personal life, take care of your mental and physical health and use applications to manage your tasks on the go. Hope, you have found this list of apps helpful, and some applications will boost your student’s life.

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