The Most Unusual Games for Android

Game manufacturers improve their creations every year: they draw more spectacular and realistic pictures and add multiplayer and new locations. And only a small part of developers thinks about creating original applications that stand out from the background of the same type of shooters, RPGs, and fighting games. Companies that release games on Android decided to surprise users with unusual plots, characters, and gameplay, uncharacteristic for applications of this genre.

The game’s plot was inspired by George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire and Glen Cook’s Black Squad book series written in the dark fantasy genre. Scandinavian mythology was taken as the basis for the fictional world. The action takes place in a cold snowy world, the inhabitants of which have to fight against armored stone golems (dredges). The narration is conducted on behalf of several characters of the human race, giants (varls), and centaurs. The player travels the world, gathers a caravan and an army, buys provisions for them, and tries to maintain his fortitude. All decisions affect the further development of the plot, and the death of soldiers in battle affects the strength of the spirit of the squad. What distinguishes Banner Saga from other games in the fantasy genre is the atmosphere of doom, there is no hope of salvation from the dredges. This is not a fast-paced RPG where characters kill enemies with one powerful spell. In Banner Saga, you need to think through the steps, trying to find the right solution and not let the caravan lose heart.


An arcade shooting game in which the player hunts for living pieces of tofu. As the level increases, access to the hero’s upgrades and the choice of weapons opens up: crossbows, machine guns, grenade launchers, etc. Feature of the game: enemies in the form of revived pieces of bean curd, from the wounds of which blood flows. The application will appeal to those who want to play a hunting simulator, but cannot shoot animals, even virtual ones.


An app that starts out as a fun “one night’s entertainment” game. Black and white cats fight against other animals, protect the fortress and hire warriors. The weirdness begins as the player progresses through the levels when the player activates divine powers and upgrades the warrior cats. After upgrading, the characters suddenly turn into monsters: a black-toothed monster, a long-legged cat that looks like a robot, a creature with human legs, without a body and arms, skeleton cats, etc. The ultimate goal of the application: capture the fortresses of rivals and enslave the world. The worst thing is that the game can be based on real events because people do not yet understand the language of cats and do not know what they are talking about.


The player finds treasures and creates themed collections. There are more than 60 items in the game, including a garden gnome, a toy ninja turtle, a black spell book, etc. The strangeness of the game is the method of obtaining treasures: the character “digs” them with a plunger from the toilet. After meeting the thematic collection, the player is rewarded with a new plunger.

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