The Number One Trick People Use To Hack WhatsApp

We hear of hacking every single day. People have their social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter account hacked and they suffer a lot to get them back. For most people, they don’t even get their accounts back so they have to create new ones.

Well, the good thing about those accounts is that once you get hacked, you’d know that someone else is using your account and then you can decide what next to do about it.

The case is quite different in the case of Whatsapp accounts. In fact, most people don’t even know that Whatsapp accounts can be hacked in the first place.

The truth is that Whatsapp accounts can be hacked. And the most dangerous bit of it is that you wouldn’t even know because you’d be sharing the account with whoever hacked your account.

In most cases though, it is lovers or spouses who hack Whatsapp accounts to find out what the other person is doing on the instant messaging platform.

So, in this article, I shall tell you about the main trick that people use to hack your WhatsApp account and how to protect yourself from this act.

What Is The Trick?

So, the main trick used by many people for hacking a Whatsapp account is Whatsapp web.

So Whatsapp has a desktop platform which enables people to access their WhatsApp accounts through their web browser.

With this platform, you can do whatever you do on your Whatsapp application. However, you can only use an existing Whatsapp account on this platform.

Meaning, if you do not have an already existing Whatsapp account, you cannot use the Whatsapp Web platform.

So, hackers have taken advantage of this to have access to other people’s WhatsApp accounts while they are away.

Now, in order for anyone to use this method to hack your Whatsapp account, they must have access to your Phone and Whatsapp account for at least 5 seconds.

They would have to open the Whatsapp web platform and also open the WhatsApp application on the mobile phone they wish to hack. Then, they’d use the phone to scan a QR code which appears on the Whatsapp Web page.

Once this is done, they have access to all your chats, contacts, media sent and received and all your future chats and messages.

So, even when you go away, once your data connection is on and your phone is connected to the internet, they can have access to your WhatsApp account at all times.

This also means that they can read your messages even before you read them and probably take actions ahead of you.

How Can I Protect Myself Against This?

The only way someone can hack your account using this method is by having access to your phone and your Whatsapp account for at least 5 seconds.

So the sure way to ensure that nobody hacks your WhatsApp account using Whatsapp Web is by not allowing anyone to have access to your WhatsApp account on your mobile phone.

In order to achieve this, you first of all need to ensure that you do not leave your phone with anyone while you wouldn’t be around.

Carry your phone along with you wherever you want to go.

Now, if you know that you are not capable of carrying your phone along all the time or if you don’t trust those around you that much, then you should secure your smartphone by adding some secure locks or passwords on the phone itself.

To give it another layer of security, you can download and use some app lock software which can be used to easily lock your Whatsapp application.


Privacy is one thing we all crave especially as adults. The pain of watching your privacy being invaded is so much to be handled.

It is worst when it has to do with hacking of your personal online accounts.

Certainly, a hacked Whatsapp account gives you several fears because you may not know who has your information and what they may be willing to do with it.

Aside from the obvious pain of thinking about the fact that someone has access to your account, there could be an actual occurrence of blackmail.

I hope that with this article, you are well-informed about how someone can hack your Whatsapp account using the Whatsapp Web platform and how to protect yourself from such.

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