The Top Online Casino Games to Try

Online casino games are on the up and up. Driven by accessibility, innovation, lucrative jackpots and alluring bonuses, the sector seems to go from strength to strength despite excessive, arbitrary regulation.

The simple fact is that people love to play online games whether on their phones or other devices. As such, everyday gamers are playing online games in places such as Tuskcasino among others. If you’re new to gaming or want to try something new, which online casino games you should try?


There probably isn’t a person on the planet that has not heard of poker. There are several variants and most casinos will offer you a good variety of games. Like blackjack, poker has been immortalised in films and TV shows for decades. It is one of the few games where you can have sharks that can prey on the not so experienced.

When you play poker you can’t help but feel the tension. The live play is proving particularly popular for this reason.


Online slots are hugely popular. The variation in the games is considerable and they are enjoyed by a diverse group of players. The game’s genius is that slots are very easy to understand and play. The colours, graphics and ever-improving graphical user interface, makes it great fun when you play online slots and always want to come back for more.


Blackjack is one of the most famous card games in the world. It is featured in every kind of casino whether it be online, physical, or live play. There are a few variations in the game as well which gives it a nice twist.

Like slots, it is a very easy game to understand and play and if you know what you’re doing you can often do well at the table. Live blackjack is gaining in popularity all the time.


Roulette is almost hypnotic as you watch the ball bounce around the wheel. It gets even more enticing when you have a chance of winning big. These are just a few of the reasons roulette is one of the most famous games in the world.

Most online casinos offer both the American and European versions of the game. The American version of the game features a ‘00’ as well as a ‘0’. If you shop around you’ll find the right version for you. You may want to check out the live version which removes the random number generator element.


If you ever read a James Bond novel you’ll know that baccarat is his game. Casino Royale was a baccarat tournament in the book rather than poker that was featured in the film.

In a traditional casino, baccarat is the game of the high roller. In the real game, the complex betting system before the 3rd card is drawn can be hard to follow. In the online version, a lot of this is handled for you so you just have to manage your bets.

If you see a Punto Banco game this is just another word for baccarat. So grab your Vodka Martini and enjoy.


The famous dice game is growing in popularity in Europe and Asia almost to rival the U.S where the game originates from. Traditionally, the game live is quite rowdy with plenty of banter helping the drinks flow and the dice roll.

Online, this doesn’t really happen although with the advent of live play the online and the traditional may align further.

Sports Betting

Not really a casino game but you can have a great night betting on your team and or favourite sport. You may want to take a look at this style of gaming paying close attention to in-play betting as this can make for a very exciting evening.

Where to Play

Your selection of where to play is important. You want a casino that offers good bonuses including sign up and deposit bonuses, together with good jackpots. You’re playing for real money so you want one that is going to pay out well.

The other factor to look for is reviews ensuring that it uses licensed gaming software that meets a proper standard, and that it is properly regulated. You don’t want to lose your money in a scam.

You may want to take a look at live play. This is where live croupiers are streamed often in HD quality. This heightened gameplay can add a lot to your experience.

If you’re new to the casino world you may want to use the practice game facility to perfect your strategy and become familiar with the rules of the game. This can minimise losses and maximise your wins which is great.

Online casinos are great fun and when you find one you like you’ll have a great experience. Try some of the games on this list and you’ll make the most of them. There is nothing quite like online gaming and hopefully, you’ll score a few jackpots.

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