The Various Types of Drivers’ License in Ghana And Their Meaning

It is the dream of every person to buy a car in the future. But buying a car alone does not mean you can drive your car straight away. Before you will be allowed to drive, you need to acquire a drivers’ license issued by the DVLA.

Getting a drivers’ license in Ghana is easier now as compared to the process we had a few years ago. But, before you apply for a license you need to know the type of license you are applying for.

In this article, we are going to cover all the various types of drivers’ license issued by the DVLA in Ghana.

Eligibility for A Drivers’ License in Ghana

More importantly, there are some criteria you must fall under before you decide to apply for a drivers’ license in Ghana.

To be eligible for a drivers’ license:

  • One must be above 18 years
  • You must have BECE or Adult education and must be able to read and write
  • Must take a passport photo
  • Must have had 48-hour training from a DVLA accredited driving school.

Now after satisfying the criteria above, you can then proceed to the type of license that fits you or your vehicle.

What Are The Types of Drivers’ License in Ghana?

Currently, there are six (6) types of drivers’ license in Ghana. These are based on the type of vehicle the driver uses. The types are:

  1. Type A – motorcycles
  2. Type B – minibuses, cross country vehicle, pick-up vehicles
  3. Type C – buses and medium goods carrying vehicles
  4. Type D – buses, coaches and heavy goods vehicles
  5. Type E – agricultural, earth-moving and industrial equipment
  6. Type F – buses, coaches and heavy goods carrying vehicles

What Does Each Type Mean?

Type A

This class or type of license is for drivers who use motorcycles and scooters. Meaning, all two or three-wheel vehicles without a gearbox fall under this section.

Delivery and dispatch riders who use motorcycles should apply for this type/class of license. Local vehicles called “Abobo yaa” also fall under this section.

The engine size of the vehicle can be up to 250cc or can exceed 250 cc as long as it is a motorcycle.

Type B

If you are a driver of minibuses, cross-country vehicles and pick-ups and cross-country vehicles, then you need to apply for this type of license.

Under this type of license, the number of passengers in the vehicle must not exceed 15 and the gross weight of the vehicle together with the passengers should also not exceed 5000kgs.

Taxi, Uber, Yango, Bolt and all other commercial vehicles which do not contain more than 15 passengers fall under this class or type of license. If you also own your own private (personal) vehicle then you should also apply for license Type B.

Type C

Buses and medium goods carrying vehicle drivers are entreated to apply for this type of license.

Also, the number of passengers in the vehicle should not exceed 45 and the weight should also not exceed 10000kgs.

All commercial vehicle “Tro tro” drivers should apply for license type C in order for them to be allowed to drive such vehicles.

Type D

This type is for buses, coaches and heavy goods vehicles.

A Type D driver can drive a vehicle that contains passengers no more than 65 with a maximum weight of 35000kgs.

VVIP buses and all intercity coaches (for example STC) drivers are also required to apply for this type of drivers’ license.

Type E

If you operate heavy agricultural vehicles then this is your type of license. Vehicles under this type include agricultural, earth-moving and industrial equipment or vehicles.

Some basic examples are tractors, graders, bulldozers, loaders, rollers, forklifts, combined harvesters and a host of others.

This type is more uncommon due to the low technological and agricultural development in Ghana and fewer number of factories.

Type F

Type F is pretty much similar to type D. But, unlike type D, type F drivers can drive all vehicles that exceed 35000kgs.

Meaning, a driver with this license can drive buses, coaches and heavy goods carrying vehicles with weight above 35000kgs.

Examples of such vehicles include articulators and all other types of rigid vehicles. A rigid vehicle simply means a vehicle that has a chassis split into two parts and is connected by a pivot.

Can A Non-Ghanaian Citizen Apply For A Ghanaian Drivers’ License?

The answer is yes. If you are a foreign citizen who is going to spend a long time in Ghana, you need to apply for a Ghanaian drivers’ license. Alternatively, you can use your international drivers’ license for its validity period.

Before you can apply for a Ghanaian drivers’ license, you need to present a license from your home country and all other steps will be followed to issue you with your ID.


Knowing the right type of license helps to know which car to use or what type of car you should buy if you are now thinking of buying a new car.

Please NOTE that using a license which does not qualify for the car you are driving is a crime and is punishable by law.

Therefore, follow the article and select the type that fits your vehicle.

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