Three apps for college students to improve writing skills

Nowadays, the Internet offers a variety of tools, apps, or simply websites to improve one’s writing skills in terms of grammar structure, lexicon, and syntax. However, even though they may well be easy-to-use, a plethora of students do not benefit from them.

Excellent writing abilities help to convey the message persuasively and indubitably to an audience, which will form an overall approach of the performer. Aside from that, some of the graduates don’t have time to complete a homework assignment because of job, sports activities, or whatsoever.

As follows, they usually ask for help from services, specializing in writing. For instance,, offering a significant correlation between price and quality, is considered to be a top-notch service. Notwithstanding, for college students who have burning ambitions to improve writing skills, the list of the most convenient apps has been designed.


This writing tool is suitable for Microsoft Word and Outlook. The aim of this tool is to detect grammatical errors and to provide suggestions for overused words by giving alternative vocabulary. Grammarly is suggested to be the best app for offering various edits, corrections to improve one’s writing skills, or simply to spot minor issues.

The advantage of this app is that the most basic version one gets for free, yet it is limited in terms of mistakes it catches. The advanced one, however, costs approximately $30 a month. Being superior over the spelling checker by Microsoft, it has several features such as plagiarism checker, word choice suggestions, choosing the audience to adjust the overall readability of the text, and spell-check. This is an excellent app for people regardless of age who is willing to brush up writing skills.

However, despite the fact that this resource is a superb one, whoever uses it should also think if any suggestions are relevant. It may sometimes happen that Grammarly might spot a mistake, which is considered to be a citation or a slang (that is obliged to be included in the text), that’s why one should keep an eye on showed mistakes.

The next beneficial resource that stands after Grammarly is Thesaurus, which can unequivocally advance one’s writing.

Everyone knows that the toughest part of writing text is finding words that will suit well the writing style as well as the topic. It is a great app that produces a myriad of different words for each option, which shows synonyms as well as antonyms so that one may well enhance writing exponentially. As a result, in order to eschew repetitive and undescriptive words, one should turn to Thesaurus for alternative words.

Additionally, some thesaurus apps (thesaurus is considered to have a plethora of apps, not only for single word choices but also phrases) propose natural descriptive replacements so that the text can sound authentic and poetic.

750 words

As it was said, practice makes a man perfect; meaning that if one aspires to be writing-savvy, texts should be written on a daily basis.

750 words is an app that helps a student to stay dedicated. Even though devoting each day to writing tends to be extremely hard, the more one writes, the faster one polishes writing skills.

As follows, the aforementioned tool will help a graduate to achieve goals briskly. What is more, the app rewards its users with points for usual writing exercises, precisely when one meets deadlines and goals. Hence, 750 words resource is prone to be valuable for those who seek for improving writing abilities.

The Bottom Line

Suffice it to say writing is not always easy. Even though one might be a native of the English language and the text he/she wrote sounds natural, and everything in terms of grammar, word choice, etc. may be fine at first glance, there still may be mistakes to be corrected.

As a result, the tools, as mentioned above, will help to improve one’s writing skills.

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