Three Quarterbacks who could face trade door in 2024

Even though the 2023 NFL season hasn’t started yet, there could be a lot of quarterback moves in the 2024 NFL offseason. Who cares if we’re getting way ahead of ourselves? This is the point of the NFL. It’s so much fun to watch and try to guess what will happen next.

Some players’ futures in the NFL and on their current teams could depend a lot on what happens in 2023. There are a lot of reasons why many teams are going into “make-or-break” seasons. And because the NFL is so even, there are going to be a lot of teams that are going to be very unhappy this year.

Next summer, there could be even more QB changes depending on what happens. Let’s look at three famous quarterbacks who could be on the move in the summer of 2024.

#1 – Kirk Cousins, Minnesota Vikings

As Kirk Cousins enters his sixth season as the Minnesota Vikings’ primary quarterback, he has established himself as a dependable presence both for his team and the NFL. However, it becomes apparent that his passing abilities are not exceptional, leading to the realization that the Vikings may face limitations in their pursuit of a Super Bowl victory with him leading the offense.

He’s also about to turn 35, so he probably won’t be playing in the NFL for much longer. With a new team leader in Minnesota in 2024, Cousins may not be re-signed by the Vikings. Both sides might be better off going their own ways.

Cousins could probably find another starting job, but the Vikings have let go of a lot of veterans this summer, and the best is upon them with bet on nfl games online, to let go of another set of veterans in 2024.

#2 – Kyler Murray, Arizona Cardinals

In Arizona, there is a new government, and the present quarterback has nothing to do with the new people in charge. Kyler Murray could miss most or all of the 2023 season because he tore his ACL. Murray also got what he wanted when the Cardinals gave in and signed him to a long-term deal.

With questions about his health and even his dedication to the game, Monti Ossenfort, the general manager of the Cardinals, might not want to deal with him anymore, and the Cardinals might be so bad in 2023 that they get the first pick in the NFL Draft in 2024.

By trading Murray next summer, they could also save $38 million on their cap number for 2024. It might be good for both of them.

#3 – Russell Wilson, Denver Broncos

Russell Wilson is another quarterback who could be on the move in 2024. He is also about to start a very important year in the NFL. Wilson was a backup quarterback in 2022, and the QB had a really bad year overall.

So many bad things happened to the Denver Broncos in 2022, and now that Sean Payton is the head coach, the team can only get better. But even though Payton is a great offensive mind, it’s possible that Wilson is really done and can’t help the team anymore.

If that happens in 2023, the Broncos might want to get out of his deal as soon as possible, so cutting him might have to be an option in 2024. It would be hard to take a dead cap hit, but at that point, the Band-Aid might have to come off.

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