5 Tips to marketing your dental office locally

If you want to get more clients at your dental office, you need to embrace marketing. In as much as you provide quality services and your price is competitive, you need to attract new patients by marketing your dental office locally and far away.

Here are tips that can help you to market your dental office locally.

1. Perform a SWOT analysis

By analyzing your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and competitors around your dental office, you will find your target market which will thus help you create effective dental marketing to reach potential clients. For instance, if one of your strengths is having modern dental equipment that can do processes that other dentists cannot do, you can leverage this point in your marketing campaign.

2. Referrals

Your dental office can benefit from referrals from your existing clients. You need to encourage your existing patients to refer others to your dental office. For instance, you can have a referral bonus program where the referrer gets a reward such as a dental product or a discount when they refer someone who ends up visiting your dental office.

This way, you will not only get new patients, but you will keep your old patients engage.

Remember to include your employees in the referral program and also motivate them using incentives so that they can provide the best service.

3. Local events

By taking part in local community events, you can create awareness of your dental services to the locals since most of your clients are likely to come from the neighbourhood. You can take part in neighbourhood celebrations, charity runs, and volunteer activities. This will give you an opportunity to network with the locals, who are potential patients.

Also, taking part in community activities gives you a positive image in the neighbourhood which in turn translates to more patients.

4. Market online

It is crucial for your dental office to have an online presence since most patients will look you up online, whether they are referrals or otherwise.

Your dental office should have a website. Make sure that the website has up to date information, have friendly images, be easy to navigate and portrays the kind of service you provide.

Ensure your website ranks high on local search results by using SEO. You can do this by using keywords that are likely to be used to search your dental office locally and post informative content. If it is a handful for you to do the SEO on your website, you can use dentist SEO marketing services so you can have more time to attend to your patients.

Backlinks with local websites can also be helpful in improving your ranking on search results.

Also, use online reviews to your advantage. People trust online reviews the same way they trust referrals from friends. Therefore, encourage your patients to leave reviews online, whether positive or negative. Your aim should be to get five-star reviews. Ensure you respond, especially to the negative reviews so that you can build confidence in your business.

Be on social media and use it to connect with your patients and to also inform them of your services.

5. Place Ads

Ads such as Facebook ads can help you to create local awareness of your dental practice. You can customize your ads to reach the local audience. For instance, you can use the map card to share information about your business such as its address, hours it operates, a directions link, and distance.

Here you can feature such as click to call on ads such as AdWords and Facebook ads where the call is made by clicking on the ad instead of picking the phone and calling.

You can use demographic targeting with your ads. For instance, research has it that 90% of buying decisions in dental services are made by women. So you can target women in your dental office ads.

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